Which Launcher?

So you’ve installed Haiku from a recently nightly (or sometime soon, the R1 beta) and you’re launching applications from the Deskbar menu (the blue ‘leaf’ menu). Perfect, but there are a few more options to investigate if you want to quickly launch your favourite programs.

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Also I recommend this tool, which allows to make Haiku menu more usable.

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Thanks for the overview, Chris!

Another interesting launcher is included with Brian Hill’s Einsteinium. Einsteinium keeps track what apps you’re using for how long a time. The included launcher has a list of all your apps (and documents, folders and queries!) and sorts them according to how often you use/launch them. Nifty!
It’s available from HaikuDepot.

Thanks for the mention Humdinger! Unfortunately it looks like the HaikuDepot has an older version. The latest version will always be here:

We can’t have that! Added to HaikuDepot with hrev50899. :slight_smile:

Launchers available on the clasqm repo:

8Dock: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/8dock/clasqm/0/9/5/-/2/x86_gcc2

BartLauncher: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/bartlauncher/clasqm/1/0/-/-/3/x86_gcc2

HotLauncher: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/hotlauncher/clasqm/1/2/0/-/3/x86_gcc2

LaunchBar: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/launchbar/clasqm/1/1/-/-/2/x86_gcc2

LittleShell: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#/pkg/littleshell/clasqm/1/0/-/-/3/x86_gcc2

As always, these are ancient BeOS apps, and that they work at all is a testament to the Haiku devs’ ingenuity and persistence. Expect some rough edges. Also, nearly all the apps in my repo place a lowercased link to /system/bin, so you can start them from terminal.See http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/haiku/blog/2016/making-haiku-even-more.html

hi, nice overview. can you make this overview for the besly? Or can we use this for the besly?


Where, can I download the application HiQDock?


I don’t mind if the haiku-os.org owners are OK with that? It would be nice if it could reference the original post.


Yes of course, haiku-os.org does not own copyright on things you submit to it. You are free to reuse and share it under any licence you want.

Nice article, for the moment I’m still old school based :slight_smile: Deskbar and Tracker :slight_smile:

Now that is interesting news!

There’s also my old BeFull launcher, which worked on BeOS, and last time I tried, also worked on Haiku.

The full-screen source is there (no binary) and the replicant binary is there (no source.)

Maybe a bit ahead of its time, but I still prefer the “all on one screen” feel to Windows 8’s thing where you have to scroll horizontally. At least for how many apps I had in my menu.

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