Which Graphics Card?

I’m searching for a place in Canada or the USA to buy a PCI Express 2.0 x16 video card that has a good Haiku driver.

I’ve got an AMD Pitcairn chipset graphics board here. Does 1080p nicely in Haiku. It’s a Gigabyte Radeon R9 270 board, PCI express 3.0 (backwards compatible with older PCIe slots, as they all should be if they followed the standard).

Got it from NCIX, an online + brick store (conveniently they have one in Ottawa Canada so shipping is easy for me - just order online and pick up there). http://www.ncix.com/

Thanks so much. That is under heavy consideration.

Yikes. Nice high-end card, but more than I wanted to spend on the old clunker I plan to use it in. The card in it now is an Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs, which is not supported in the Haiku-os.

They have lots of older ones, like the Radeon HD6450 I used to use for around $50. Notable for being fanless (quiet). https://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-radeon-hd-6450-low-8b-66802.htm

Check out: http://www.besly.de/menu/search/archiv/misc/haiku-hardware_compatibility_list.html

Thanks, agmsmith,

This one is on back order: https://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-radeon-hd-6450-low-8b-66802.htm

Will this one also work: https://www.ncix.com/search/?q=Radeon+HD6450 ?

I feel like such a tyro. BeOS (Zeta) was my main OS back in its heyday. I have much to learn about Haiku-OS.

I now have it on file. Thanks, lelldorin.

Yes, that https://www.ncix.com/detail/asus-radeon-hd-6450-650mhz-c7-76100.htm one should work. It’s basically the same kind, but with 2GB of memory instead of 1GB and a slightly faster clock speed. I actually had the Sapphire HD6450, with 1GB of memory, while this is an ASUS version of the same thing.

Great. I think I’ll grab it.

Were you able to get the HD6450 card?

That list is pretty outdated in terms of video cards. I may be biased, but go with Radeon HD.

It currently has the best driver support (thanks to AMD engineers for lending me some useful guidance during its writing), and will likely be the first modern card to get multi-head support when our appserver finally gets support for multiple monitors.

Radeon HD 4xxx - Radeon RX480 all good. Just avoid DisplayPort since support is pretty rough there still.

You do not need to wait for app_server support to bring multiple monitors. It works great with the old radeon cards already. The screen preferences already allow to set different video modes for each display and everything. app_server support is only about positionning windows the right way (adjustments to CenterOnScreen and the like), and making BScreen works (right now app_server will handle things as it there was one single very large screen).