Which browser on Haiku can log in to GitHub?

So far I’ve tried Otter and WebPositive. What other browsers are there that even have the slightest chance of logging in to GitHub? I need to paste my public key into my settings so I can commit with write privilages. Password authentication is going away if not gone.

It’s flaky for me, but if you manually go to /settings/keys in the URL it should pull up.

Thanks! That got it there! Clicking outlines of invisible buttons but I got it in.

Great to hear!
One thing that might be worth looking into is that on github.com before logging in it says our browser is unsupported. Is the user-agent we send the same as a semi-recent Safari?

That’s just a heuristic, it doesn’t mean anything.

Web developers don’t understand that :sob:

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Heuristerical :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: