Where to manually download hpkg files?


I have Haiku installed in Virtualbox. My internet connection on that machine is fairly spotty so it’s difficult to download larger packages via the haiku package manager.

When I go to the online HaikuDepot site and select download hpkg of an application I get an error and I can’t get it to download.
Here is the link I get http://buildmaster/haikuports/repository/master/x86_64/current/packages/qt5-5.11.2-4-x86_64.hpkg

Is this just me or is anyone else seeing this?



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Yes, it’s a known issue. @kallisti5 was looking into it … before other things came up. Dunno what the status is now.

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  • Hairpin NAT is broken still on the server so HaikuDepot forms broken download url’s in some places (referencing internal urls’s)
  • You should be able to replace “buildmaster” in the URL with eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org and the link should work.
  • You also need to remove “repository” from the URL… less sure why that’s happening still.

Not sure why HaikuDepot is making so many assumptions there on path.


You can navigate the package repositories here:

I’m still using the growing pains excuse :slight_smile:


Many Thanks! That definitely gets me back on track.

Thanks again.


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