Where is -lutil located...?

I am trying to build qterminal but it fails at the linking phase with:

ld: cannot find -lutil

Is it part of any system lib? if so, which one?

There is no -lutil in Haiku. What function does your program want from it?

After disabling it from the cmakefile.txt file i got the following undefined reference error:

undefined reference toQxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::nativeKeycode(Qt::Key)’`

In linux libutil is part of libc6 package.

QxtGlobalShortcutPrivate::nativeKeycode(Qt::Key) have nothing to do with -lutil, it is a global shortcut stuff, needs to be implemented for Haiku (<- see, there is a win, a mac and an x11 version, but no Haiku one) or you can completely disable it somehow in the source code.

Did you know: you could get much better answers if you share the name of the program you trying to port.

Thanks for your input, i’ll try to find a way to disable it.

I did mention the name in my first comment, it is qterminal.

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Looks like -lutil is not needed in Haiku

maybe you could just try to remove it and see if it ok.

I did and it didn’t work, i think the undefined reference error is unrelated, but i’m stuck as i don’t know what lib is missing in that last phase.

No libs missing, as i told you should either implement that functionality or comment it out.

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