Where is haiku on the desktop

I don’t see the haiku text on the desktop, it’s just a plain blue desktop. Why?

The Haiku logo you mean?

I don’t have it either on my x86_64 nightly build. I guess these logo images are not anymore added to nightly build.

X86_64 still not built as official supported version, thus no Haiku Logo at bootsplash, at About and at the Desktop.

Sure, but IIRC the /data/artwork folder was included even in nightly build images, and the default desktop background settings was using a logo image.

Stil does by default in fact, except that since the artwork folder and its content being missing, no logo.

The logo is included only in the x86_gcc2 builds at the moment. As miqlas said, the other versions are currently not “official” and thus are not allowed to use the Haiku name and logo. This will change when we release beta1 for x86_64, but not before the release.