Where I can test my code

I am new to it . please help me where can I test my code…

Hi, sainiaditya1! Welcome to Haiku!

Is your code a contribution to the Haiku system, or an application on Haiku?

A bit more info what you are coding would help to give you a good answer.

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@PeterW application on haiku…

Great! What do you have coded?

And are you a beginner or advanced coder?

This answer seems too obvious, I may have misunderstood the question:
Haiku applications run under Haiku…

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Maybe this Haiku C++ tutorials help.



@PeterW ok I will go through this

Hello and welcome to Haiku communtiy,

for testing compiled software use the non-packaged folders in home or system. You can use my HPKGCreator too. This tool allow to make a hpkg file of your program to install to the system.

If you are working on open source programs, you can use haikuports too.

regards lelldorin

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