Where does grapics driver go?

I got Haiku installed on a Dell Dimension 4100 by selecting “disable user add-ons” and “safe video mode” during boot. I had BeOS Max on it previously. Unfortunately I forgot where the graphics drivers need to be installed and how to make a sym-link. The Rage 128 pro card worked under BeOS and should work in Haiku so I downloaded it onto Haiku. Where do I put the files?

From what I can find using google, BeOS video drivers are not necessarily compatible with Haiku and all the working video drivers are already included.

This shows how to manually install a driver however:


Following the instructions on the link provided no joy. I put the drivers into all the right places and added the symlinks too. Looking at the console debugging output suggests the driver should work but gave one cryptic error…devfs:“rage128” api_version missing. So the driver needs some tweaking to work with Haiku. My sound card is what I’ll tackle next. Oddly, this Dell worked without my adding drivers in BeOS Max. Maybe next month? :slight_smile: