Where do I report broken packages from HaikuDepot?

Specifically Qt Creator is broken (current version from Depot, using Haiku Beta 4)

And while I’m on the subject, is there some way to download older versions? It used to work for me maybe ~2 years back.

Hello. For broken packages, you can report here:



What happens specifically? I upgraded to the new Qt Creator recently and it works great, though I’m on nightly builds. But all the packages are built using beta4, not using the nightlies, so in theory it should work on both…

(replied on the github thread, for anybody seeing this thread here)

Hello. Let me share some useful information related to one of your questions in the ticket:

What’s the procedure for discovering the executable location of installed packages?

For applications that are accesible from the Applications menu, you can follow this process:

Click on “Applications” folder menu:

This will open a new window like this:

Right click on the application that you are looking for (in this example, I use AbiWord), and click on “Get Info”:

On the Info panel, there is a “Link to:” field. Click on the blue link:

A new window with the real location for the executable will appear:

On the address bar you get the real location of the application (normally is always on /boot/system/apps/ for the packaged ones).

Also, you can right click on this window, go to “Add-ons” and select “Open Terminal”:

This way you will open a new Terminal window, in the /boot/system/apps/ location.

This process works for any time that you need to find where a shortcut / symbolic link is pointing to.

Hope this helps and sorry for my broken english.


Fantastic, thank you for the detailed walk-through!

Also, for anybody following along: the issue was fixed by following @waddlesplash’s suggestion of running pkgman full-sync and rebooting.