Where did bootman go:?

Hi, I use hackintosh OSX 10.5.8 on my Acer laptop. I thought I would have a look at haiku again and after installing the latest anyboot to the HD, I booted the Terminal and typed bootman but alas it couldn’t find it , bad command etc. So, my question is has it been removed ?

If you want it using the location to link an icon to the desktop or be-menu it is in:


Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> BootManager 

Thankyou for that. Worked except I now cannot boot into my hack partition. Such is life!

Thankyou for your reply. I tried to uninstall from the BootManager as per the instructions but it is Greyed out. I’m not particularly concerned about losing my hackintosh partition, I’ll just reinstall it.
I am having a play with Haiku and to say the least impressed as always. One of the reasons I usually don’t stay with Haiku is not being able to utilise my Xmarks and as I prefer the speed of Webpositive have never been able to get Xmarks and WebPositive to work.Today I managed a work around by exporting my Xmarks to an HTML file and then when I clicked on the file it opened in WebPositive and then I book marked it.( trouble with this is my book marks are a mile long as it also shows all the descriptions ).

Question: previously with Haiku I was able to create Desktop shortcuts, i.e. WebPositive, I haven’t been able to as yet. Is there a way ?

Isn’t it always the way, right away after posting the above I found out how to do it.