Hi to all of you, and sorry for the following basic question.
When Haiku will be ready as a desktop? Ready means stable/reliable
thanks a lot.

I think Haiku needs at least 1-2 years to be a stable system. :frowning:
See http://dev.haiku-os.org/milestone/R1 for more info.

Haiku team:

You are getting a lot of publicity due to your
recent achievements. Of course, BeOS fans can’t wait to see the first alpha version of Haiku ready to install in hard drives. Congratulations!

I was a BeOS user and I loved it. Currently, I am
running Ubuntu which I like a lot but I would switch in a heartbeat to Haiku if you release an alpha version that would include at least:
-a decent browser (i.e. Opera or FF)
-Office program (i.e. Abiword)
-wifi support (i.e. ipw2100,ipw2200 etc)
-…I can wait for the other apps. No big rush.

I am still thinking that BeOS is superior to Windows and Mac as an OS. I have to admit that they have better apps but we, the Haiku community, can develop
simpler and more efficient apps which not require a lot of RAM or a monster CPU.

It seems that Haiku is making progress very fast and will attract new developers…it is just a matter of time.

Congratulations again.


I’m a newcomer to Haiku and I have to say it looks tremendously exciting.

After checking out BeOS I’m amazed, what the hell happened?

How could such a wonderful piece of software be abandoned like that?

Now I’m feeling deflated, not to belittle the efforts of those involved in this project, clearly you are all dedicated and talented people, but is this really ever going to be anything but a passtime for a few, rather than a serious alternative OS for all?

Keep up the good work and enjoy.

The beauty of FOSS is that you and others with the same question (and other questions along the same vein) can actually affect the answer directly :slight_smile:

Well…the Amiga community still alive. Go to amigraworld.net and they are still developing new software for Amiga OS 4. If they can do it, we can do it too. There is a lot of talent out there that could help the Haiku community. Haiku has so much potential that all I can do is wait right now and help some how.

Something important that I would like to mention is not to think that
Haiku would compete against Microsoft,OS X or Linux. They all have their place but we can have Haiku as a great alternative. GoBE bought BeOS about 2 weeks ago I think…How is that going to affect our community??? Big time…there is lot of market in other countries that can’t afford to buy a $150 OS for instance and hungry looking for alternatives. There are a lot of opportunities right now for Haiku and a lot of discontent with Microsoft, of course, and Linux because is “geek” oriented.

I think we have a great chance but is upon us to keep it alive.


I think you maybe missed the second and third parts of that saga… Gobe wasn’t actually buying anything - it was supposedly some company named Blue Lotus:


Also, on IsComputerOn.com they report that Access (owners of BeOS rights) pretty much denied the claim altogether:


Hope that helps clear it up a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification.

Anyway…we can get it done! :slight_smile: