When will Tor be ported?

Tor runs on Apple, Windows and Linux. The need for Tor on Haiku is apparent from the recent SOPA/PIPA legislation. Is there a chance that Tor will be ported to Haiku?

Yes. Such porting information can be found over at HaikuPorts .

Please - you obviously don’t know what Tor is… and these simplified responses are just confusing.

It seems there’s currently no Tor package, no, but the GCI project was an attempt to port it to Haiku.

I haven’t used Tor in years (last time was on a Windows box), but I would hope it doesn’t ultimately require a kernel-side component… that seems messy.

Their are torrent clients at haikuware.com.

There’s already a bep file created in a GCI task that i have mentored :


From what I can tell, one needs to download some file and then compile it into the kernel? I have no idea how to do anything like that so if that is indeed the case, I can wait until Tor is simply a package file that installs itself without any “decisions” by the User.

More like you download a file and ‘click’ on it…

Oh I see, you want the anonymous bittorrent. My mistake. I do want to point point that there
are many Haiku bittorrent clients available for non-anonymous downloads:



Tor, The Onion Router, is not any sort of bittorrent at all. It’s a way of preventing traffic analysis by directing network connections through a series of anonymising nodes.

Come on! At least take the hint and make an effort to even understand what the discussion is about before spamming it with pointless responses. So far, you’re the only one talking about torrents, which is unrelated to Tor.

Sorry, I was bad. I will leave now :slight_smile:

Actually, the latest unstable compiles and runs under Haiku :slight_smile: I ported it and my work was merged with upstream a couple of months ago. I was able to run BezillaBrowser with torsocks + tor. The patches is also available (as mentioned above) through haikuports (net-misc/tor).

Screenshot here: http://twitpic.com/7s40jx

Source code that should compile here: https://www.torproject.org/dist/tor-

Torsocks needs some more work before it can be built cleanly, but with some minor changes I did manage to compile enough to run it with BeZillaBrowser. Web+ crashed, might be because I compiled torsocks using gcc2.

What a port of ricochet -> https://ricochet.im It’s very interesant TOR IM based on Qt5.