When using HaikuPorts to install a large number of software, haiku start slow, how to solve?

When using HaikuPorts to install a lot of software, I found that Launch_daemon will be much slower, why ? an how to solve?

Haikuports or HaikuDepot do you meant?

I mean HaikuPorts is HaikuPorts repo

You mean that if you install a lot of packages, the system is slower to boot?

I believe the packages are mounted (decompressed also) on boot by Launch Daemon, but I haven’t experienced any slowdown, unless you have installed thousands or something? How many packages did you install through HaikuDepot?


Yes,I installed dozens of software based on QT and KDE ,feel the system is slower to boot.

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Interesting… How much your system has RAM? what a CPU you have? wich type of Hard Drive you have?

I think this is caused by that that packages must be unzipped to RAM before they can be used. And yes, if you have a lots of them and slower in some part or in all system, it is noticeable. This is one of drawbacks of this package system implementation, with anoter — virtual file system for them. How I said in another talk, this is outdated technical implementation for old computers (with small and slow hard drives). I think there is no need for aditional virtual file system for packages and no need to zip them in the system.

The computer I install using haiku is the ThinkPad R61,cpu:intel PM965 ram:1g,Hard Drive 80G 。

I does not know if the problem is fixed with stored changed packages in administrative folder?


This is a known old bug https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/12498

Thanks Diver, i does not found the link