Whatsapp Web

Has anyone managed to get Whatsapp Web running with one of the browsers available on Haiku? I tried with Web+, QupZilla and Otter, with different user agent settings. No success so far. Admittedly, my testing wasn’t very systematic, so I might have missed one or two combinations of browser and user agent.

WhatsUp Web requered SubtleCrypto feature. QtWebKit builded without it for now.
I’ll try rebuild new QtWebKit version with ENABLE_SUBTLE_CRYPTO flag enabled.


Great, thanks a lot!

That’s good news! :slight_smile: I was about to ask if Telegram works, but instead I just tested it myself. I confirm that it works with hrev52140, in WebPositive. It will be great to have WhatsApp working as well. I need both.

The Telegram desktop messenger application is also available in HaikuDepot. I don’t have any experience with it though, as all my friends and family are using Whatsapp, so that’s what I’m using :wink:

I’m use both in the browser. They work great with GNU/Linux distros, so I don’t have to install extra software. :smiley:

Yeah, same with me with whatsapp. Even on OSX and Windows where there is a desktop app. But it has no benefits over the browser version, at least none that I noticed.

Telegram works very well and secure!
Everywhere I tested it… 64 or 32 Bit Versions too.
The app and in the browser…



Wow…looks good. Thank you!

Thanks, 3dEyes! :slight_smile: Should we expect WhatsApp to work in all the browsers using the WebKit engine or strictly QtWebKit?

I added support for encryption via GnuTLS for QtWebKit pre20180120 only. Therefore WhatsApp will work in QupZilla, Otter, Dooble and other Qt browsers. Now I’m working on synchronization of the encryption code with the current version of WebKit. At the moment, WebKit uses gcrypt instead of GnuTLS.


You can try new QtWebKit (already in depot). For whatsapp you need set useragent string as chrome or firefox browser.


Thanks @3dEyes, it works great! I configured QupZilla to use the user agent string of a recent firefox version.