What's the point about 77 years of beta5?


Milestone: R1/beta5

Due in 77 years (Jan 2, 2100, 5:00:00 PM)

mmmm, that’s so long.
i don’t understand.

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No. Beta5 will come 1st of April 2023. It will have ChatGPT and Linux kernel incorporated into it.


Thats right, but he mean:

Milestone R1/beta5

Due in 77 years (Jan 2, 2100, 5:00:00 PM)

How to see that?

It’s just to have it show first in the list of milestones. If there is no date they are sorted alphabetically and beta5 appears after R1, which is not correct.

Initially we had a date ~1 year in the future but people thought it was the real release date. Then we had a date 100 years in the future and people thought it was a typo and we accidentally put 2122 instead of 2022. Then we put 2100, thinking that people would understand that this is not a real date.

I do not know what to try next.

There is no planned date. It will be released when it is ready, as we always do.


Why not just say that…

“R1/B5 will be released when there are a number of significant upgrades to added”

Or maybe just use - (0000) R1/B5

Then it would be listed last, as pulkomandy said the date is there to get trac to behave :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’re understanding, else I’m not saying it right - use all zeros for the date & time - zero usually lists before any other number or character…

Month 0 Year 0000 Time 00:00am/pm

Which us 2023 years in the past… which woulf put it last in the list again

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Just put 2 years in the future, if it doesn’t fit then the date will be adjusted.

We in Germany know that from the railways, there are also constant corrections to the future :wink:

Due in 7981 years (Jan 1, 9999, 6:00:00 PM)

Ok I think this gives us enough time to get it ready.


not according to planet of the apes 1

ok, i will check out the time line about future by TARDIS 。
and the system of TARDIS is haiku of future.
then, :sweat_smile:it can not work now.
it is Quantum state.

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Try ``9999’’.

Ah nevermind, I see I’m late.

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Having worked in software for some time now, I would love to be able to tell my boss that my projects are going to be done sometime in the next year, or it might take 77 years… :rofl:

And then Stephen Elop will come and implement the Windows kernel and name all devices for Haiku- “Lumia” :slight_smile:


Due in 7981 years (Jan 1, 9999, 5:00:00 PM)

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i am disappointed no body set it for 42 yrs



If I’m reading that right…‘42’ is the answer to everything… :smile: