What's New in Beta3?

As the Promotion Team is preparing for Beta3 (i.e. making promotional materials etc.), it would be good to know what’s new and improved in Beta3. What new features/improvements are there? What bugs are there? We don’t need a full list, but maybe a summarised rundown would be good.



Here is one querry that should give you a rough overview:

another usefull thing might be to check the git log between beta2 and beta3, something like: git log origin/master

I don’t know on the top of my head what the beta2 branch is though.

A third good ressource would be the monthly activity reports published after beta2, they also serve as a kind of highlight for what happened in each month so may be usefull here aswell.


Meh reading the tickets is not so fun imho… an easier way would be to read the activity logs since Beta2 was launched and see what’s changed over time, then make bullet points of the major internal changes. For visual changes, I run a VM side by side, and look at how much the main apps and preferences (preflets?) have really changed between the last release and the current one (whenever it comes out)

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We will of course have a changelog with beta3 when we get to releasing it. I think jt15s is asking because the marketing team is planning to help with writing something like that? Maybe not the changelog itself but a press release to go with beta3 when it gets out?

Currently the changelog is not written, so, yes, you’ll have to dig the info from the tickets and activity reports.


Yes, we are planning to write a formal press release and hopefully make a video or two as well as some promotional materials to talk about the changes in Beta3.

Ah ok. I’ll have a look at those :slight_smile:

Please have a look to the release notes: https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/R1/Beta3/ReleaseNotes


Just found a typo under “Web Browser”:

  • Easy selection of defautl search engine from a list of common ones

Which should read:

  • Easy selection of default search engine from a list of common ones

Fixed, thanks.


Be nice if all “bugs” could be so easily fixed!

When is Beta3 supposed to come out ?


When it’s ready. There is a list of bugs in the bugtracker:

We have to solve these first. Since we all work on our free time, which is variable depending on many factors (how tired we are from our paid jobs/university exams/whatever, is the weather nice outside and pushing one of us to go for a bike ride for the weekend instead of sitting in front of a computer, friends or family time or any other things you may do when you’re not at work). So it is very difficult to say in terms of time, there is just some amount of work to be done.