What's needed for R1?

Just wondering, what are the roadblocks or unmet goals that need to be addressed before Haiku can ship R1?

On a related note, I’ve heard that getting Gobe working from a clean install is one of the major R1 blockers. Is that true?

At least IO should work properly. On current nightly version there are long stalls when a lot of small write IO operations are performed.

X is number of created files, Y is time in seconds. Red: Haiku, blue: Windows.
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It is already working with minor problems.

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I’ve just replied to the ticket with another thought. But keep in mind that we are already far more performant than BeOS here; I don’t know how demanding we need to be about this kind of thing for R1…


BeOS don’t have IO stalls. It maybe slower, but more responsible.

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We are in beta, which means we consider all features are done. Now we need to do a lot of bugfixing: encoding support in the media kit, working drivers for most graphics card and audio devices, …

We also don’t think R1 is that important of a goal and will probably stay in beta for a long time.


It Haiku is going to spend a long time in Beta, it would be good to have periodic Beta versions (B1, B2, etc). The long interval between Alpha and Beta is still remarked upon in Haiku’s Wikipedia entry. In the first paragraph!

This inevitably makes it seem that development is moribund, which no doubt puts people off getting involved.

Those of us who monitor Haiku’s progress are aware that much is happening, that great work is being done, and that progress is being made. Those who only read Wikipedia (and other web sites) get a different impression.

I know it’s only window-dressing, but appearances matter.


Probably change of terminology would have. The actual Haiku development model is rolling release, which does not align with Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4, 4.1, Beta 1 etc. The more appropriate naming would be hrev#####, e.g. hrev53794. As for Alpha / Beta, they just specify the overall usage quality of the OS, where current state Beta means feature complete, but contains bugs.

You can improve the Wikipedia entry :wink:
Yes, we are well aware of the problems with the long wait between alpha4 and beta1, and we already missed our goal of yearly releases for beta2 by a few months, but it should happen soon. That’s the point of my efforts in improving the intel video driver and I’m now looking into the limitations of Installer to make it possible to run it on relatively low memory systems.

We have a coding sprint next week and I will be putting that to good use (no guarantees about what the other developers attending will do, however).

It is not. The stable releases get maintained for some time. We spent a lot of time reworking our CI so we could achieve that for beta1. We missed some problems with our infra so it turned out to not work as well as it should have. So we have redone it again for beta2, switching from buildbot to concourse.

All packages in haikudepot are still built from a beta1 system and will still run on beta1 machines.

That people decide to use our nightly builds which are not meant for production use does not influence that development model (except by reminding us we should have more releases).

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