What's better for Haiku? Radeon HD 5450 or nVidia 750ti?

Once I get my ethernet and sound issues sorted, I notice the nVidia 750ti I have in my PC now only shows Vesa in charge of my video.

Tell me, will I see better graphics and options if I switch to a Radeon HD 5450? I have a spare one at hand and wondered if Haiku offers better support over Vesa for it.



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Haiku still has no support for modern videocards (and old as my 9800gtx+ too), so I think it’s better to choose 5450 — it gives you basic graphic capabilities, complete silence and more chances for GPU acceleration under Haiku in the future than nvidia. 5450 is cheaper as much so you can buy it with a few bucks now instead of wasting money on still unsupported nvidia card.

Damn GPU makers, why they don’t provide standardized things like VESA, but for fast output+computations? Smth, on top of which OpenGL (or anything) can be built without special drivers.

Bummer, was thinking at least the Radeon 5450 would be supported, So I take it no 3D, if such a thing exists for Haiku, for apps and games?

I already own the 5450. The 750ti was already in my box so what I been using. But from what you are saying, the odds are the Radeon 5450 will get support before the nVidia does?


i have a Nvidia GTX 1050 TI and haiku used this in VESA , 2D works good.


Is there any real use for 3D on Haiku? Or such a thing?

I know with Amiga OS I use we have Warp3D and that is used for some games and apps.


Haiku have no OpenGL now.
Guys trying to do smth on CPU, but for complete GPU-accelerated 3D Haiku have nothing.

Haiku does have OpenGL, but not hardware accelerated. It’s usage is therefore very limited.
If you use your machine mainly for Haiku and not for 3D stuff with another OS, I’d recommend to get the cheapest supported card, no matter how old. Chances are, by the time Haiku gets 3D hardware support, your computer sits in a landfill somewhere and graphics cards have moved on 10 generations…


macsociety, i have a Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5450 PCI-e card. It is supported.