Whatever happen to Refraction from Xentronix?

The subject says it all… does anyone know?

I talked to him on Facebook about a month ago.

Frans still owns the source and are running Xentronix. He Develop things for IOS now.
Magnussioft did boght a source licens for Zeta.

But not for Haiku, right? A developer always could recompile his stuff on Haiku or even give it a thought of releasing as open-source, since SampleStudio once was like that. It’s not like his software is making any money right now anyways.

Please ask Frans if he would consider open sourcing Refraction to Haiku? Records show that he open sourced an app called Sample Studio some year ago.

I think Sample Studio is now BeAE, which is also a Haiku optional package.

There was one before refraction he did but I forgot its name they also released but had to change its name, as I remember because of threats of lawsuit (Inferno). We really need those early graphics wonders plus we need a raw converter for various cameras such as UF Raw for more high end graphics work that is more normal now even for consumers.

Warp! is another one for simple fast funny warping and was only 51kbs we need back I think, and then there was the graphics tricks of Gobe production. I am just tying to get the fun back