What terminal setting do I use for gnuplot?

Say, what terminal setting do I use to display a gnuplot plot?


While I haven’t tried it yet (we have no gnuplot for 32 bits it seems Edit: it is available… pkgman install gnuplot_x86), maybe try with -display ?(or set terminal be on a gnuplot script, as seen on these docs?

If that fails… maybe you’ll need to use one of the other output formats.

After reading gnuplot’s recipe, at least jpeg, png, webp should work, I think.

Not sure if that “be” terminal actually requires an X server (as the docs seem to imply). Maybe now that Xlibe exists, we should try with that.

Our gnuplot packages need an update anyway :smiley:

Our Terminal does not implement “sixels” which would be the “modern” (really it’s from the 70s) way to display graphics in a terminal. So you have a choice of ASCII art (in a very limited resolution) or opening an external image viewer on a generated png file.

A bit of a follow up:

Seems our gnuplot port used Qt as a backend at some point in the past, but currently it doesn’t has any GUI-based “terminal”. Maybe we’ll get it back in the future (gnuplot 5.4.9 should be able to use Qt6 or Qt5), albeit I’d like to avoid that dependency.

I’ve tried building it with --widh-x (using @waddlesplash’s XLibe), but all I’ve got were empty white windows titled “gnuplot” :smiley:.

Now poking around that be terminal and gnuplot_be that the docs mentions. Seems it should be able to have “native BeOS output”, but the code is somewhat bit-rotten (and/or incomplete), and the build system is giving me head-aches while trying to make it build/use that BeOS code.

We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, @davidjayjackson, I’ve tested following terminal values: “dumb”, “png”, “gif”, “jpeg”, and “canvas”.


set terminal 'png'
set output 'sin_of_x.png'
plot sin(x)

The canvas one generates an HTML file, and can be open with WebPositive. Maybe that’s good enough for you until we get something better?

Thanks, for the comments.
I was able to save the plot as a png file.