What Simple Native Haiku GUI Programs Should I Develop?

I am learning Haiku GUI programming and I’m wondering what are some useful gui programs that I could create? It should be somewhat simple to start, but perhaps in the future could be expanded to be more complex.

Do something where your passion is, it will be shown in the end result.

To Start up learning could be a gui for a shell tool.

This tutorial is not for c++ or c, but can help a little bit, planing a app :wink:


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Flashcard program (like jMemorize or Anki).

However, I have to agree with @konrad here: it’s best to create something that you find useful. You will have more motivation to work on it :slight_smile:


I have two ideas so far (aside from the ones provided above). I would like input on how hard you think they would be, whether they already exist, and if they would be worth my time:

  • A visual drag-and-drop editor for making GUI programs with HaikuAPI (similar to Visual Studio’s WinForms and WPF Visual Editors).
  • A todo-list/bullet journalling program based on Bullet Journal.

Pretty hard, also there is BeBuilder and Niue (I think?) already. There is lots of stuff to figure out (file format for forms, C++ code generation to make it useful, various properties of controls to handle, “fake” controls to use in the designer, etc.)

That should be fairly simple. Quick search in HaikuArchives doesn’t show any existing apps.


That could be very nice! :+1:


I just searched Haiku Archives (on GitHub) as well as depot.haiku-os.org for “todo”. Does Haiku not have any todo list applications?

There is also MeTOS in the past:


Duggan was onto something with his PersonalIssueTracker. Sadly he dropped off the face of the earth (or taken by his cosmic friends…).
Fork and develop it further. :slight_smile:

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If you really have interest to do a development editor, you could start a scripting editor. So people can create scripts (Templates, Project overview).

There was also “Be Organized” (not really sure about the name). But it was very cool app, and use the extended attributes to create todo lists in the Tracker (in a very similar way than the actual Mail app).

Actually works in Haiku, but not sure about the sources…

There is HaikuToDo which is a client for the Google “tasks” with plans for integrating it with more services. It is quite nice as you can then synchronize with apps on other platforms (eg. GTasks on Android), but it needs some improvements.

These days I tend to do more and more things in vim, and in particular use the great vimwiki for something more bullet-journal like.

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I saw somewhere an actual GUI editor, it modified gui widgets in its BMessage form

Also don’t forget Aukland Layout Editor https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/czeidler/2012-09-03_ale_auckland_layout_editor/

ALE still needs some work, but has promise.

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Would be great to see MeTOS for Haiku.

Looked in my archives and found a version of MeTOS. Have to create a hpkg and put on our repository server.

It is version 0.2.0. I do not know how far the program works properly. The sourcecode is also included. Program is under GPL.

Documentation and License: /boot/system/documentation/MeTOS


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