What makes people choose Haiku?

The reason I bought r4.5 and r5.0 was the was the promise and delivery of out of the box recognition of SMP. The speed of the OS on (at the time) slow hardware. Intel was going into 500mhz+ chips and here was BeOS cranking on P100’s and P333’s.

That was what impressed me, along with everything being run on a individual basis (networking, media, sound). I hated the thought of restarting windows for even a simple change of renaming my computer under netwoking.

I have been waiting with ungodly anticipation for this project to finish and give us back a OS worth buying / using. I still wait and cheer from the sidelines because I dont know the first thing about writing code. All I can do is throw you all some encouragement, pat your backs and plead for you all to continue your endeavors. I’m not the most patient of people but I will refrain from screaming, “Are we there yet?” :lol: :lol: