What is the image data file

I would like to know the image data file. is it png raw or raw binary?

Your question is a little vague. Haiku understands png files, yes. But maybe you mean if exporting to png from some application is possible ? In that case, which application do you have in mind ?

If you’re referring to the icon format, no. The icon format is a vector image format called HVIF (Haiku Vector Icon Format). It’s designed to be smaller than SVG while maintaining the scaling properties and fine detail.

Screenshots are typically PNG though.

I can’t think of any other image formats you could be referring to in the operating system.

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how could you convert it to hvif

You could try with Icon-o-matic. It has received a lot of improvements recently.

But some ( many ? ) parts of the picture will need to be redrawn in Icon-o-matic.

The 2-step method may be better. Use Inkscape to convert from PNG bitmap into SVG vector image. From there convert to HVIF by loading the SVG into Icon-o-Matic. That way, the source can be edited as a vector image before the new and lightly tested code of the improved Icon-o-Matic is as heavily relied upon.

See here for more info:



Image files in Haiku can be of any type. We do not use file endings, but instead have the mime-type as metadata on the file. The mime-type specifies the type of image like png, gif, jpeg or so.

We use plugins to decode and encode image files, which we call translators. So to support a new image format all you need is to have a translator that understands that image format.