What happened to BeShare servers?

stalwart TyComSystems.com hosted a BeShare server since the last millenium up to last year when I connected to them. But, this year, incidentally when looking to setup a server, I see they don’t seem available to BeShare.
Does anyone know where they went?
Does anyone have tips on running a server?

To run a BeShare server, I believe you just need to run the Muscle Server. You can compile one from source and run it locally really easily.

To host one - I guess it is just making the server available on a public server. But I have no idea if there is any security risk these days.

We use it many times at the time of running be os.


I noticed that too back last March–I figured they are doing some maintenance or they do not intend to keep it running. So, I have been connecting to agmsmith.ca who maintains a personal computer to keep us connected.