What for does SAT solver needed for package management?

As I understand package resolution in Haiku will be implemented using this. Boolean satisfiability problem is a NP-complete task. So depedency resolution can’t be solved in polynomial time. I really don’t understand what for does it need.

Package resolution can be implemented like shared object resolution. For example package A requires package B v1.6 and package C v4.3. If you install package A, system will check existness and correct version range for packages B and C. If all is OK then package will be installed successfully, if not, system can request user to download packages or automatically download it from repositiry. I don’t see any boolean satisfiability problem or NP-complete tasks. Searching package by name is log(N), enumerating depedencies is M, total is M*log(N).

Can everyone explain where am I wrong?

Hi, it’s probably better to ask this kind of questions on the mailing list or directly Ingo or Oliver. Developers rarely read forum posts.

Sorry, I don’t understand mailing list system and use e-mail only for registration. I can’t find information how to use mailing lists. Also I can’t configure Haiku E-Mail for receiving message bodies. For now my only way for communication is forum.

The mailing lists are still the primary method for talking within the project, to the point were things cannot be considered official until it’s been on the mailing lists.

On http://www.freelists.org/list/haiku-development , you can subscribe to the list.
After that, an email confirmation will be sent to you. Reply to it, as per the instructions.
Then, sending emails to “haiku-development AT freelists.org” will send your email to the haiku-development mailing list.

This is a guide for setting up Haiku’s email for GMail, but the steps are similar for other servers: http://development.pistooli.com/?p=155
Here’s some more links to help:

Big thanks for detailed instructions! But other questions still exist:

  1. As I understand to create new thread I need to send mail to haiku-development mailing list. Can I answer to other threads?
  2. What is usual way of reading messages? http://www.freelists.org web site or notification by e-mail?

Sure, that’s how it works.

freelists web site is like read only version, if you already subscribed to a ml it is more convenient to use your email client.

Also make sure you read https://www.haiku-os.org/community/ml/etiquette , esp. No Top Posting part as this is the most common mistake newcomers do.