What file format is cursors?

https://github.com/haiku/haiku/blob/master/data/artwork/cursors/Pointer what is the file format of these files? I want to convert them into bitmaps for use in linux.

They are Icon-O-Matic documents.

how could i convert them into png or svg under linux? thank you

Icon-O-Matic is Haiku’s icon editor that can save your work as HVIF, SVG or PNG.

doesn’t seem to be available on linux

Icon-O-Matic is a Haiku-native executable.

It is not available on Linux because it was written for Haiku and nobody ported it to Linux. A relatively simple way to export the icons would be to install Haiku on a USB thumb drive or in a virtual machine and export it from there.

You might be able to run Icon-O-Matic under Linux using hyclone GitHub - trungnt2910/hyclone: A runtime environment for Haiku applications.
But the easier way probably is to just run Haiku in a VM or from a USB drive as mentioned above.

It is already done: