What do you think of it?

For my part I can do something like that, But from real be’s icons for now :o(

Those are great! :smiley:

heh, i like the big red button… but maybe we shouldn’t have a self-destruct sequence built in

Why not ?

(maybe it’s the “erase windows dir from all mounted volumes” button!) :wink:

Nice work! I like 2, 5-8 above 1, 3, and 4, but I can’t seem to articulate why. :wink:

What about the unmounted volumes? And why a button? This should be done automatically on bootup. ;}

Joli, non ? :lol:


I really like the last five in particular…what’s the third one supposed to be though?


he’s the doctor (check BFS?)

facedeCitron.NiB wrote:

Joli, non ? :lol:

C’est excellent ! :wink:

Looking really good…the real challenge is making them look decent at 16x16 though :P!

That’s exactly my problem… :frowning:

Warning: there’s no code behind this…

And what do you think about my gui design?

A little MP3 player (iTunes clone)

With what application did you make this mockup?

Photoshop :wink:

facedeCitron.NiB wrote:
Photoshop :wink:
Yuck... :(

Do they have a GUI Builder on BeOS? :?

Many but I d’ont have BeOS ! :wink:

You could in fact unse MeTOS, or just try Refraction.

But i’m just like losts: A switcher.
I use a the best tool on each system …

About the muckup of the mediaplayer, i remember about a room talking about it where i post everything a modern player has to do … but i can’t find it back :s