What -devel package do I need to get the OpenGL libraries?

I’ve installed mesa_x86_devel, but pkg-config isn’t showing any opengl library (and I have made sure I’m using the x86 pkg-config!).

It can see other OpenGLES, but unfortunately I need real OpenGL…

  1. libGL(.so) ← This is what you’d look for.

mesa_x86_devel is the package for the secondary architecture (i.e. GCC 11, instead of GCC 2.95, which will have its libraries in mesa_devel instead.) You will need to be within setarch x86, and make sure you also have pkgconfig_x86 installed also.

I’ve found the problem — mesa_x86_devel just doesn’t contain a gl.pc file. It’s got osmesa.pc, glesv2.pc, glesv1_cm.pc and egl.pc, but no gl.pc. The mesa_devel package does contain a gl.pc

Where should I file a bug?

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Done: mesa_x86_devel contains no OpenGL .pc file · Issue #7964 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

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