What button to push for repport a bug?

What button I must to push for repporting a bug? And where?
What steps I must go to repport the bug?
Some yers ago I did repport some bugs, now I do not remember exactly or maybe to layzy now or bussy… to investigate how…
Sorry, if you do not want to answer, dont…

But after all, I think this is maybe a problem for newcomers as well.

For example, today I decided update my haiku installation trough terminal (I writed in terminal pkgman update (I think, sorry writing this from other OS, for some unknown to me reason I cannot login to forum from Haikus Webpositive) and press enter, and then answered “y”, downloading process started, and I for some reason decised to resize terminal, and then happened this:

Further I tested more, to resizing terminal window from big to small and again to big, and I get crash off app (in the middle of updating process, later I run update second time), I saved some text file from debuger crash report, what is inside that file:

Debug information for team /boot/system/apps/Terminal (1755):
CPU(s): 2x AMD Athlon II
Memory: 7.50 GiB total, 385.66 MiB used
Haiku revision: hrev50777 Dec 19 2016 12:25:44 (BePC)

Active Threads:
thread 1755: Terminal (main)
thread 1758: child cleanup
thread 1761: PtyReader
thread 1762: EscParse
thread 1817: team 1755 debug task
thread 1763: w>Terminal: home: pkgman
state: Exception (Segment violation)

  Frame		IP			Function Name
  0x72bb9120	0x16f3a69	BasicTerminalBuffer::_ResizeRewrap(int32, int32, int32) + 0x455 
  		BasicTerminalBuffer::_ResizeRewrap(int32, int32, int32):
  		0x016f3614:               55  push %ebp
  		0x016f3615:             89e5  mov %esp, %ebp
  		0x016f3617:           83ec5c  sub $0x5c, %esp
  		0x016f361a:               57  push %edi
  		0x016f361b:               56  push %esi
  		0x016f361c:               53  push %ebx
  		0x016f361d:       e800000000  call 0x16f3622
  		0x016f3622:               5b  pop %ebx
  		0x016f3623:     81c3a6b30300  add $0x3b3a6, %ebx
  		0x016f3629:           8b550c  mov 0xc(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f362c:           8b4508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f362f:             3b10  cmp (%eax), %edx
  		0x016f3631:             7519  jnz 0x16f364c
  		0x016f3633:           8b4d14  mov 0x14(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3636:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f3637:           8b4510  mov 0x10(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f363a:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f363b:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f363c:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f363f:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f3640:       e893fdffff  call 0x16f33d8
  		0x016f3645:       e952050000  jmp 0x16f3b9c
  		0x016f364a:             89f6  mov %esi, %esi
  		0x016f364c:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f364f:           8b4d10  mov 0x10(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3652:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f3653:           8b450c  mov 0xc(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3656:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f3657:       e890f9ffff  call 0x16f2fec
  		0x016f365c:           8945f4  mov %eax, -0xc(%ebp)
  		0x016f365f:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f3662:             85c0  test %eax, %eax
  		0x016f3664:             750a  jnz 0x16f3670
  		0x016f3666:       b800000080  mov $0x80000000, %eax
  		0x016f366b:       e92c050000  jmp 0x16f3b9c
  		0x016f3670:   c745f000000000  mov $0x0, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f3677:         837d1400  cmp $0x0, 0x14(%ebp)
  		0x016f367b:     0f8ed3000000  jle 0x16f3754
  		0x016f3681:             31ff  xor %edi, %edi
  		0x016f3683:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f3686:     8b8398090000  mov 0x998(%ebx), %eax
  		0x016f368c:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f368d:             6a20  push $0x20
  		0x016f368f:       e8b08bffff  call 0x16ec244
  		0x016f3694:             89c6  mov %eax, %esi
  		0x016f3696:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f3699:           8975f0  mov %esi, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f369c:             85f6  test %esi, %esi
  		0x016f369e:             7428  jz 0x16f36c8
  		0x016f36a0:         c645ef01  mov $0x1, -0x11(%ebp)
  		0x016f36a4:       bf01000000  mov $0x1, %edi
  		0x016f36a9:           83c4f4  add $0xfffffff4, %esp
  		0x016f36ac:               56  push %esi
  		0x016f36ad:       e84a3b0000  call 0x16f71fc
  		0x016f36b2:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f36b5:         c645ef00  mov $0x0, -0x11(%ebp)
  		0x016f36b9:           8945f0  mov %eax, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f36bc:             eb0a  jmp 0x16f36c8
  		0x016f36be:             89f6  mov %esi, %esi
  		0x016f36c0:       e8ff7dffff  call 0x16eb4c4
  		0x016f36c5:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f36c8:             85ff  test %edi, %edi
  		0x016f36ca:             7419  jz 0x16f36e5
  		0x016f36cc:         807def00  cmp $0x0, -0x11(%ebp)
  		0x016f36d0:             7413  jz 0x16f36e5
  		0x016f36d2:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f36d5:     8b8398090000  mov 0x998(%ebx), %eax
  		0x016f36db:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f36dc:               56  push %esi
  		0x016f36dd:       e8b27effff  call 0x16eb594
  		0x016f36e2:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f36e5:         837df000  cmp $0x0, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f36e9:             751d  jnz 0x16f3708
  		0x016f36eb:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f36ee:           8b5510  mov 0x10(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f36f1:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f36f2:           8b4df4  mov -0xc(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f36f5:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f36f6:       e889f9ffff  call 0x16f3084
  		0x016f36fb:       b800000080  mov $0x80000000, %eax
  		0x016f3700:       e997040000  jmp 0x16f3b9c
  		0x016f3705:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f3708:           83c4fc  add $0xfffffffc, %esp
  		0x016f370b:           8b4514  mov 0x14(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f370e:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f370f:           8b550c  mov 0xc(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3712:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f3713:           8b4df0  mov -0x10(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3716:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f3717:       e8803b0000  call 0x16f729c
  		0x016f371c:             89c6  mov %eax, %esi
  		0x016f371e:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f3721:             85f6  test %esi, %esi
  		0x016f3723:             742f  jz 0x16f3754
  		0x016f3725:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f3728:           8b4510  mov 0x10(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f372b:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f372c:           8b55f4  mov -0xc(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f372f:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f3730:       e84ff9ffff  call 0x16f3084
  		0x016f3735:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f3738:         837df000  cmp $0x0, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f373c:             740e  jz 0x16f374c
  		0x016f373e:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f3741:             6a03  push $0x3
  		0x016f3743:           8b4df0  mov -0x10(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3746:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f3747:       e8f43a0000  call 0x16f7240
  		0x016f374c:             89f0  mov %esi, %eax
  		0x016f374e:       e949040000  jmp 0x16f3b9c
  		0x016f3753:               90  nop 
  		0x016f3754:           8b4508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3757:         83781800  cmp $0x0, 0x18(%eax)
  		0x016f375b:             740b  jz 0x16f3768
  		0x016f375d:           8b4018  mov 0x18(%eax), %eax
  		0x016f3760:           8b4010  mov 0x10(%eax), %eax
  		0x016f3763:           8945e8  mov %eax, -0x18(%ebp)
  		0x016f3766:             eb07  jmp 0x16f376f
  		0x016f3768:   c745e800000000  mov $0x0, -0x18(%ebp)
  		0x016f376f:           8b4de8  mov -0x18(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3772:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3775:           034a04  add 0x4(%edx), %ecx
  		0x016f3778:           894de4  mov %ecx, -0x1c(%ebp)
  		0x016f377b:             8b02  mov (%edx), %eax
  		0x016f377d:               48  dec %eax
  		0x016f377e:   8d04c51f000000  lea 0x1f(%eax,8), %eax
  		0x016f3785:             24f0  and $0xf0, %al
  		0x016f3787:             29c4  sub %eax, %esp
  		0x016f3789:           8965e0  mov %esp, -0x20(%ebp)
  		0x016f378c:   c745f800000000  mov $0x0, -0x8(%ebp)
  		0x016f3793:   c745fc00000000  mov $0x0, -0x4(%ebp)
  		0x016f379a:   c745dc00000000  mov $0x0, -0x24(%ebp)
  		0x016f37a1:   c745d800000000  mov $0x0, -0x28(%ebp)
  		0x016f37a8:   c745d400000000  mov $0x0, -0x2c(%ebp)
  		0x016f37af:   c745d000000000  mov $0x0, -0x30(%ebp)
  		0x016f37b6:   c745cc00000000  mov $0x0, -0x34(%ebp)
  		0x016f37bd:   c745c8ffffff7f  mov $0x7fffffff, -0x38(%ebp)
  		0x016f37c4:         c645c701  mov $0x1, -0x39(%ebp)
  		0x016f37c8:         c645c600  mov $0x0, -0x3a(%ebp)
  		0x016f37cc:           8b45e8  mov -0x18(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f37cf:             f7d8  neg %eax
  		0x016f37d1:           3b4204  cmp 0x4(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f37d4:             7c0e  jl 0x16f37e4
  		0x016f37d6:   c745c000000000  mov $0x0, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f37dd:       e945020000  jmp 0x16f3a27
  		0x016f37e2:             89f6  mov %esi, %esi
  		0x016f37e4:             85c0  test %eax, %eax
  		0x016f37e6:             7d28  jge 0x16f3810
  		0x016f37e8:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f37eb:         837a1800  cmp $0x0, 0x18(%edx)
  		0x016f37ef:             741f  jz 0x16f3810
  		0x016f37f1:           83c4fc  add $0xfffffffc, %esp
  		0x016f37f4:           8b4de0  mov -0x20(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f37f7:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f37f8:           83f0ff  xor $0xffffffff, %eax
  		0x016f37fb:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f37fc:           8b4218  mov 0x18(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f37ff:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f3800:       e8673b0000  call 0x16f736c
  		0x016f3805:           8945c0  mov %eax, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f3808:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f380b:       e917020000  jmp 0x16f3a27
  		0x016f3810:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3813:           034204  add 0x4(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f3816:           034214  add 0x14(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f3819:             89d1  mov %edx, %ecx
  		0x016f381b:               99  cdq 
  		0x016f381c:           f77904  idiv 0x4(%ecx)
  		0x016f381f:           8b4110  mov 0x10(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f3822:           8b0490  mov (%eax,%edx,4), %eax
  		0x016f3825:           8945c0  mov %eax, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f3828:       e9fa010000  jmp 0x16f3a27
  		0x016f382d:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f3830:           8b55dc  mov -0x24(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3833:           8b4df4  mov -0xc(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3836:           8b3c91  mov (%ecx,%edx,4), %edi
  		0x016f3839:         807dc700  cmp $0x0, -0x39(%ebp)
  		0x016f383d:             744a  jz 0x16f3889
  		0x016f383f:         837df000  cmp $0x0, -0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f3843:             7418  jz 0x16f385d
  		0x016f3845:           8b4510  mov 0x10(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3848:           3945d0  cmp %eax, -0x30(%ebp)
  		0x016f384b:             7c10  jl 0x16f385d
  		0x016f384d:           83c4f8  add $0xfffffff8, %esp
  		0x016f3850:               57  push %edi
  		0x016f3851:           8b55f0  mov -0x10(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3854:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f3855:       e8163d0000  call 0x16f7570
  		0x016f385a:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f385d:           8b4508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3860:           8b481c  mov 0x1c(%eax), %ecx
  		0x016f3863:       66c7070000  mov $0x0, (%edi)
  		0x016f3868:           894f04  mov %ecx, 0x4(%edi)
  		0x016f386b:         c6470200  mov $0x0, 0x2(%edi)
  		0x016f386f:             31c0  xor %eax, %eax
  		0x016f3871:           3b450c  cmp 0xc(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3874:             730f  jae 0x16f3885
  		0x016f3876:           8d570c  lea 0xc(%edi), %edx
  		0x016f3879:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f387c:           890cc2  mov %ecx, (%edx,%eax,8)
  		0x016f387f:               40  inc %eax
  		0x016f3880:           3b450c  cmp 0xc(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3883:             72f7  jb 0x16f387c
  		0x016f3885:         c645c700  mov $0x0, -0x39(%ebp)
  		0x016f3889:           8b55c0  mov -0x40(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f388c:             31c9  xor %ecx, %ecx
  		0x016f388e:           668b0a  mov (%edx), %cx
  		0x016f3891:           8b45d4  mov -0x2c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3894:             29c1  sub %eax, %ecx
  		0x016f3896:           894dbc  mov %ecx, -0x44(%ebp)
  		0x016f3899:             31c0  xor %eax, %eax
  		0x016f389b:           668b07  mov (%edi), %ax
  		0x016f389e:           8b4d0c  mov 0xc(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f38a1:             29c1  sub %eax, %ecx
  		0x016f38a3:           8b55e8  mov -0x18(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f38a6:           3955d8  cmp %edx, -0x28(%ebp)
  		0x016f38a9:             7522  jnz 0x16f38cd
  		0x016f38ab:         837dd400  cmp $0x0, -0x2c(%ebp)
  		0x016f38af:             751c  jnz 0x16f38cd
  		0x016f38b1:           8b45d0  mov -0x30(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f38b4:           8945cc  mov %eax, -0x34(%ebp)
  		0x016f38b7:             85c9  test %ecx, %ecx
  		0x016f38b9:             7509  jnz 0x16f38c4
  		0x016f38bb:         837dbc00  cmp $0x0, -0x44(%ebp)
  		0x016f38bf:             7e03  jle 0x16f38c4
  		0x016f38c1:           ff45cc  inc -0x34(%ebp)
  		0x016f38c4:           8b55cc  mov -0x34(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f38c7:           035510  add 0x10(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f38ca:           8955c8  mov %edx, -0x38(%ebp)
  		0x016f38cd:           8b75bc  mov -0x44(%ebp), %esi
  		0x016f38d0:             39ce  cmp %ecx, %esi
  		0x016f38d2:             7e02  jle 0x16f38d6
  		0x016f38d4:             89ce  mov %ecx, %esi
  		0x016f38d6:             85f6  test %esi, %esi
  		0x016f38d8:             7e15  jle 0x16f38ef
  		0x016f38da:           8b45d4  mov -0x2c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f38dd:         8d5406ff  lea -0x1(%esi,%eax), %edx
  		0x016f38e1:           8b45c0  mov -0x40(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f38e4:           83c00c  add $0xc, %eax
  		0x016f38e7:       66833cd000  cmp $0x0, (%eax,%edx,8)
  		0x016f38ec:             7d01  jge 0x16f38ef
  		0x016f38ee:               4e  dec %esi
  		0x016f38ef:           8b45e8  mov -0x18(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f38f2:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f38f5:           034224  add 0x24(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f38f8:           3b45d8  cmp -0x28(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f38fb:             7546  jnz 0x16f3943
  		0x016f38fd:           8b45d4  mov -0x2c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3900:           394220  cmp %eax, 0x20(%edx)
  		0x016f3903:             7c3e  jl 0x16f3943
  		0x016f3905:             01f0  add %esi, %eax
  		0x016f3907:           394220  cmp %eax, 0x20(%edx)
  		0x016f390a:             7c10  jl 0x16f391c
  		0x016f390c:           3b4dbc  cmp -0x44(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f390f:             7c32  jl 0x16f3943
  		0x016f3911:           8b45d4  mov -0x2c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3914:           0345bc  add -0x44(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3917:           3b4220  cmp 0x20(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f391a:             7f27  jg 0x16f3943
  		0x016f391c:             31c0  xor %eax, %eax
  		0x016f391e:           668b07  mov (%edi), %ax
  		0x016f3921:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3924:           034220  add 0x20(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f3927:           2b45d4  sub -0x2c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f392a:           8945f8  mov %eax, -0x8(%ebp)
  		0x016f392d:           8b4dd0  mov -0x30(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3930:           894dfc  mov %ecx, -0x4(%ebp)
  		0x016f3933:           8b450c  mov 0xc(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3936:           3945f8  cmp %eax, -0x8(%ebp)
  		0x016f3939:             7c04  jl 0x16f393f
  		0x016f393b:               48  dec %eax
  		0x016f393c:           8945f8  mov %eax, -0x8(%ebp)
  		0x016f393f:         c645c601  mov $0x1, -0x3a(%ebp)
  		0x016f3943:             85f6  test %esi, %esi
  		0x016f3945:             7e31  jle 0x16f3978
  		0x016f3947:             31c0  xor %eax, %eax
  		0x016f3949:           668b07  mov (%edi), %ax
  		0x016f394c:   8d14f500000000  lea (%esi,8), %edx
  		0x016f3953:           8955b4  mov %edx, -0x4c(%ebp)
  		0x016f3956:         8d44c708  lea 0x8(%edi,%eax,8), %eax
  		0x016f395a:           8b4dd4  mov -0x2c(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f395d:           8b55c0  mov -0x40(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3960:         8d4cca08  lea 0x8(%edx,%ecx,8), %ecx
  		0x016f3964:           83c4fc  add $0xfffffffc, %esp
  		0x016f3967:           8b55b4  mov -0x4c(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f396a:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f396b:               51  push %ecx
  		0x016f396c:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f396d:       e88273ffff  call 0x16eacf4
  		0x016f3972:           660137  add %si, (%edi)
  		0x016f3975:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f3978:           8b4dc0  mov -0x40(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f397b:           8b4104  mov 0x4(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f397e:           894704  mov %eax, 0x4(%edi)
  		0x016f3981:           3b75bc  cmp -0x44(%ebp), %esi
  		0x016f3984:             756e  jnz 0x16f39f4
  		0x016f3986:         80790200  cmp $0x0, 0x2(%ecx)
  		0x016f398a:         0f9445bb  setz -0x45(%ebp)
  		0x016f398e:           ff45d8  inc -0x28(%ebp)
  		0x016f3991:   c745d400000000  mov $0x0, -0x2c(%ebp)
  		0x016f3998:           8b45d8  mov -0x28(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f399b:           2b45e8  sub -0x18(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f399e:           8b5508  mov 0x8(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f39a1:           3b4204  cmp 0x4(%edx), %eax
  		0x016f39a4:             7c0a  jl 0x16f39b0
  		0x016f39a6:   c745c000000000  mov $0x0, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f39ad:             eb50  jmp 0x16f39ff
  		0x016f39af:               90  nop 
  		0x016f39b0:             85c0  test %eax, %eax
  		0x016f39b2:             7d28  jge 0x16f39dc
  		0x016f39b4:           8b4d08  mov 0x8(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f39b7:         83791800  cmp $0x0, 0x18(%ecx)
  		0x016f39bb:             741f  jz 0x16f39dc
  		0x016f39bd:           83c4fc  add $0xfffffffc, %esp
  		0x016f39c0:           8b55e0  mov -0x20(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f39c3:               52  push %edx
  		0x016f39c4:           83f0ff  xor $0xffffffff, %eax
  		0x016f39c7:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f39c8:           8b4118  mov 0x18(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f39cb:               50  push %eax
  		0x016f39cc:       e89b390000  call 0x16f736c
  		0x016f39d1:           8945c0  mov %eax, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f39d4:           83c410  add $0x10, %esp
  		0x016f39d7:             eb26  jmp 0x16f39ff
  		0x016f39d9:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f39dc:           8b4d08  mov 0x8(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f39df:           034104  add 0x4(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f39e2:           034114  add 0x14(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f39e5:               99  cdq 
  		0x016f39e6:           f77904  idiv 0x4(%ecx)
  		0x016f39e9:           8b4110  mov 0x10(%ecx), %eax
  		0x016f39ec:           8b0490  mov (%eax,%edx,4), %eax
  		0x016f39ef:           8945c0  mov %eax, -0x40(%ebp)
  		0x016f39f2:             eb0b  jmp 0x16f39ff
  		0x016f39f4:         c6470201  mov $0x1, 0x2(%edi)
  		0x016f39f8:         c645bb01  mov $0x1, -0x45(%ebp)
  		0x016f39fc:           0175d4  add %esi, -0x2c(%ebp)
  		0x016f39ff:         807dbb00  cmp $0x0, -0x45(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a03:             7422  jz 0x16f3a27
  		0x016f3a05:           ff45dc  inc -0x24(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a08:           8b45dc  mov -0x24(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a0b:               99  cdq 
  		0x016f3a0c:           f77d10  idiv 0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a0f:           8955dc  mov %edx, -0x24(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a12:           ff45d0  inc -0x30(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a15:         c645c701  mov $0x1, -0x39(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a19:         807dc600  cmp $0x0, -0x3a(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a1d:             7408  jz 0x16f3a27
  		0x016f3a1f:           8b4dc8  mov -0x38(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3a22:           394dd0  cmp %ecx, -0x30(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a25:             7d0c  jge 0x16f3a33
  		0x016f3a27:           8b45e4  mov -0x1c(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a2a:           3945d8  cmp %eax, -0x28(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a2d:     0f8cfdfdffff  jl 0x16f3830
  		0x016f3a33:         807dc700  cmp $0x0, -0x39(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a37:             7503  jnz 0x16f3a3c
  		0x016f3a39:           ff45d0  inc -0x30(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a3c:           8b45d0  mov -0x30(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a3f:           2b45cc  sub -0x34(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a42:           3b4510  cmp 0x10(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a45:             7e09  jle 0x16f3a50
  		0x016f3a47:           8b55d0  mov -0x30(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3a4a:           2b5510  sub 0x10(%ebp), %edx
  		0x016f3a4d:           8955cc  mov %edx, -0x34(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a50:           8b4dcc  mov -0x34(%ebp), %ecx
  		0x016f3a53:           294dfc  sub %ecx, -0x4(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a56:           8b7dd0  mov -0x30(%ebp), %edi
  		0x016f3a59:             89c8  mov %ecx, %eax
  		0x016f3a5b:             eb54  jmp 0x16f3ab1
  		0x016f3a5d:           8d7600  lea (%esi), %esi
  		0x016f3a60:             89f8  mov %edi, %eax
  		0x016f3a62:               99  cdq 
  		0x016f3a63:           f77d10  idiv 0x10(%ebp)
  		0x016f3a66:           8b45f4  mov -0xc(%ebp), %eax
  		0x016f3a69:           8b3490  mov (%eax,%edx,4), %esi <--
  	Frame memory:
  		[0x72bb8ff0]  '....... ..r....   27 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 20 96 88 72 00 00 00 00
  0x728896e2	00000000	? 
  	  eip:	0x016f3a69
  	  esp:	0x72bb8ff0
  	  ebp:	0x72bb9118
  	  eax:	0x00000000
  	  ebx:	0x0172e9c8
  	  ecx:	0x00000000
  	  edx:	0x00000021
  	  esi:	0x00000005
  	  edi:	0x00000021
  	   cs:	0x001b
  	   ds:	0x0023
  	   es:	0x0023
  	   fs:	0x0063
  	   gs:	0x0023
  	   ss:	0x0023
  	  st0:	0
  	  st1:	nan
  	  st2:	1.33
  	  st3:	14
  	  st4:	0.9
  	  st5:	0
  	  st6:	83
  	  st7:	83
  	  mm0:	{0, 0, 0, 0}
  	  mm1:	{0xe09b, 0, 0, 0}
  	  mm2:	{0x4000, 0xd70a, 0x70a3, 0xaa3d}
  	  mm3:	{0, 0, 0, 0xe000}
  	  mm4:	{0, 0, 0x6600, 0xe666}
  	  mm5:	{0, 0, 0, 0}
  	  mm6:	{0, 0, 0, 0xa600}
  	  mm7:	{0, 0, 0, 0xa600}
  	 xmm0:	{0xe627, 0x1db7, 0x94fe, 0x8085, 0x8268, 0x8266, 0x7783, 0x655c}
  	 xmm1:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm2:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm3:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm4:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm5:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm6:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}
  	 xmm7:	{0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0}

Loaded Images:
ID Text Base Text End Data Base Data End Type Name

2581 0x004e0000 0x004eb000 0x004eb000 0x004ee000 lib /boot/system/lib/libiculx.so.57.1
2578 0x005ef000 0x00880000 0x00880000 0x008e9000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicui18n.so.57.1
2585 0x00b2e000 0x00b45000 0x00b45000 0x00b4a000 lib /boot/system/lib/libtranslation.so
2584 0x00be1000 0x00bfa000 0x00bfa000 0x00bfb000 lib /boot/system/lib/libz.so.1.2.8
2576 0x00c27000 0x00cf9000 0x00cf9000 0x00d44000 lib /boot/system/lib/libroot.so
2580 0x011cb000 0x0121e000 0x0121e000 0x01229000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicule.so.57.1
2579 0x01257000 0x01260000 0x01260000 0x01262000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicuio.so.57.1
2572 0x01283000 0x01548000 0x01548000 0x015df000 lib /boot/system/lib/libbe.so
2571 0x016ca000 0x01724000 0x01724000 0x01736000 app /boot/system/apps/Terminal
2582 0x01a62000 0x01a9b000 0x01a9b000 0x01ad2000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicutu.so.57.1
2573 0x01b5c000 0x01d0a000 0x01d0a000 0x01d6a000 lib /boot/system/lib/libtracker.so
2570 0x01dd3000 0x01df1000 0x01df1000 0x01df4000 lib /boot/system/runtime_loader
2583 0x01eca000 0x0203c000 0x0203c000 0x02070000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicuuc.so.57.1
2575 0x02124000 0x02155000 0x02155000 0x02163000 lib /boot/system/lib/libstdc++.r4.so
2574 0x02198000 0x0228f000 0x0228f000 0x02292000 lib /boot/system/lib/libtextencoding.so
2577 0x026ac000 0x03f2a000 0x03f2a000 0x03f2b000 lib /boot/system/lib/libicudata.so.57.1
2569 0x6148f000 0x61497000 0x00000000 0x00000000 system commpage

ID Base End Size (KiB) Protection Locking Name

11359 0x00294000 0x002a4000 64 rw- full rld heap
11358 0x0032a000 0x00332000 32 rw- full rld heap
11318 0x003bb000 0x003bc000 4 rw-S full rld_debug
11346 0x004e0000 0x004eb000 44 r-x full libiculx.so.57.1_seg0ro
11347 0x004eb000 0x004ee000 12 rw- full libiculx.so.57.1_seg1rw
11317 0x0058a000 0x0059a000 64 rw- full rld heap
11339 0x005ef000 0x00880000 2628 r-x full libicui18n.so.57.1_seg0ro
11340 0x00880000 0x008e8000 416 rw- full libicui18n.so.57.1_seg1rw
11341 0x008e8000 0x008e9000 4 rw- full libicui18n.so.57.1_seg2rw
11356 0x00b2e000 0x00b45000 92 r-x full libtranslation.so_seg0ro
11357 0x00b45000 0x00b4a000 20 rw- full libtranslation.so_seg1rw
11354 0x00be1000 0x00bfa000 100 r-x full libz.so.1.2.8_seg0ro
11355 0x00bfa000 0x00bfb000 4 rw- full libz.so.1.2.8_seg1rw
11334 0x00c27000 0x00cf9000 840 r-x full libroot.so_seg0ro
11335 0x00cf9000 0x00d0c000 76 rw- full libroot.so_seg1rw
11336 0x00d0c000 0x00d44000 224 rw- full libroot.so_seg2rw
11344 0x011cb000 0x0121e000 332 r-x full libicule.so.57.1_seg0ro
11345 0x0121e000 0x01229000 44 rw- full libicule.so.57.1_seg1rw
11342 0x01257000 0x01260000 36 r-x full libicuio.so.57.1_seg0ro
11343 0x01260000 0x01262000 8 rw- full libicuio.so.57.1_seg1rw
11322 0x01283000 0x01548000 2836 r-x full libbe.so_seg0ro
11323 0x01548000 0x015dd000 596 rw- full libbe.so_seg1rw
11324 0x015dd000 0x015df000 8 rw- full libbe.so_seg2rw
11319 0x016ca000 0x01724000 360 r-x full Terminal_seg0ro
11320 0x01724000 0x01735000 68 rw- full Terminal_seg1rw
11321 0x01735000 0x01736000 4 rw- full Terminal_seg2rw
11348 0x01a62000 0x01a9b000 228 r-x full libicutu.so.57.1_seg0ro
11349 0x01a9b000 0x01aa0000 20 rw- full libicutu.so.57.1_seg1rw
11350 0x01aa0000 0x01ad2000 200 rw- full libicutu.so.57.1_seg2rw
11325 0x01b5c000 0x01d0a000 1720 r-x full libtracker.so_seg0ro
11326 0x01d0a000 0x01d68000 376 rw- full libtracker.so_seg1rw
11327 0x01d68000 0x01d6a000 8 rw- full libtracker.so_seg2rw
11314 0x01dd3000 0x01df1000 120 r-x full runtime_loader_seg0ro
11315 0x01df1000 0x01df3000 8 rw- full runtime_loader_seg1rw
11316 0x01df3000 0x01df4000 4 rw- full runtime_loader_bss1
11351 0x01eca000 0x0203c000 1480 r-x full libicuuc.so.57.1_seg0ro
11352 0x0203c000 0x0206f000 204 rw- full libicuuc.so.57.1_seg1rw
11353 0x0206f000 0x02070000 4 rw- full libicuuc.so.57.1_seg2rw
11331 0x02124000 0x02155000 196 r-x full libstdc++.r4.so_seg0ro
11332 0x02155000 0x02160000 44 rw- full libstdc++.r4.so_seg1rw
11333 0x02160000 0x02163000 12 rw- full libstdc++.r4.so_seg2rw
11328 0x02198000 0x0228f000 988 r-x full libtextencoding.so_seg0ro
11329 0x0228f000 0x02291000 8 rw- full libtextencoding.so_seg1rw
11330 0x02291000 0x02292000 4 rw- full libtextencoding.so_seg2rw
11337 0x026ac000 0x03f2a000 25080 r-x full libicudata.so.57.1_seg0ro
11338 0x03f2a000 0x03f2b000 4 rw- full libicudata.so.57.1_seg1rw
11360 0x193d4000 0x1a394000 16128 rw- full heap
11313 0x6148f000 0x61497000 32 r-xSk full commpage
11310 0x61866000 0x6186a000 16 rw- full user area
11367 0x618e6000 0x618e7000 4 rw-S full server_memory
11369 0x698e6000 0x69906000 128 rw-S full server_memory
11312 0x71908000 0x72909000 16388 rw-s full Terminal_1755_stack
11499 0x72b76000 0x72bbb000 276 rw-s full w>Terminal: home: --_1763_stack
11443 0x72d1c000 0x72d61000 276 rw-s full EscParse_1762_stack
11441 0x72e94000 0x72ed9000 276 rw-s full PtyReader_1761_stack
11371 0x72edf000 0x72f24000 276 rw-s full child cleanup_1758_stack

Protection Flags: r - read, w - write, x - execute, s - stack, o - overcommit, c - cloneable, S - shared, k - kernel

ID Count Last Holder Name

12856 0 1763 some BBlockCache lock
12857 0 0 Catalog
12858 0 0 some BLocker
12859 0 0 some BLocker
12860 0 1762 token space
12861 0 0 BLooperList lock
12862 0 0 AppServerLink_sLock
12863 0 0 LocaleRosterData
12864 0 0 some BLocker
12865 0 0 Catalog
12866 0 0 PeriodicUpdatePoses
12867 0 0 Light Lock
12868 0 0 Light Lock
12869 0 0 undo
12870 0 0 some BLocker
12871 0 0 some BLocker
12872 0 0 Catalog
12873 0 0 BMessageQueue Lock
12874 0 0 AppLooperPort
12886 0 0 screen list
12887 0 0 clipboard
12888 0 0 width buffer
12889 0 0 font list
12893 0 0 clipboard
12894 0 1762 BMessageQueue Lock
12895 0 0
12901 0 0 terminal roster
12902 0 0 clipboard
12903 -1 1762 terminal buffer
12911 0 1762 pty_reader_sem
12912 -1 1761 pty_locker_sem
12963 0 0 tool tip manager

– What steps I must do to report this bug to developers of Haiku?

You need to report it at http://dev.haiku-os.org. You will need to create an account there if you don’t have one yet. Include all the text you put in this forum post or just attach the debug report, it should be enough information to reproduce and understand the problem.

PS. You can log in to the forum, but it is a bit tricky. After logging in you will see a “you are being redirected” message, wait for the page to load, then refresh it. Then you should be logged in for real. It is something we need to fix in our WebKit port (a known bug, likely caused by threading problems).

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Also I wanted to suggest some button “report a bug” inside Haiku web page and maybe in debugger dialog window itself “send repport to developers”, and then trough some guide help step by step (with some standard questions, what to want to now developers) user can report that bug.

Yes, this gets asked now and then. My main worry is that reporting bugs in a “fire and forget” way does not work very well. It is important that the user who originally reported the bug feels a bit responsible for his report, tests that the issue is still reproductible in more recent builds, or if he later on finds additional information.
So, a slightly difficult report process (just a little more than “push button to report bug”) is an efficient way to avoid this, and let only users with some motivation to perform these follow-up tasks report the bugs.
Managing our Trac tickets (there are thousands of open ones) is difficult, and is known to scare potential new developers (they don’t know where to start with all these bugreports). There is probably a good balance to find to make everyone happy.

And, you are right, there should be a link to the bug tracker from the main Haiku website. I’m leaving that into the hands of the web team, who are working on completely replacing the site engine so we can more easily improve on the contents.

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