What are you using (alpha4 or nightlies?)

I saw that there are some people here that are still using the alpha4. If so I wanted to know if it works well and how you do/get your work done on a version that lacks a lot of the very helpful features present in the nightlies.

And if you are using a nightly then how is that going. How frequent are crashes and are there any tips you would give to prevent a crash (like something you know that could cause a crash).

I would not use any more alpha 4, since you are then completely out in front of it and
it will not be sure that your program will also run on the current versions (nightly).

The nightlys usually run well, if one has bad luck, one catches one that has changes in itself, which breaks the other.

Alpha 4.1 is so far behind the nightlies that we don’t discuss it in polite company.


Short answer: Nightlies, Nightlies, Nighthlies !!! (In a Steve Ballmer way :slight_smile:)

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I’d assume so too.

End-users, end-users end-users. Lol