What apps do you need on Haiku?

+1 for WB 3.0

would be nice to see Wonderbrush working on 64bit.
Most of design work can be done already with Wonderbrush.

Missing is the color balance tool (gray balance) and the curves editing, which can be done with another program right now.
And the size of the project is still lilmited. Not possible to create large posters!

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Some time ago, I also had that issue with LibreOffice on Haiku, but someone around here pointed the way to solve it. I had first expected this kind of extensions would need to be packaged and distributed through HaikuDepot, like what happens with some Python packages, but it turns out you can simply download a LibreOffice extension for the intended language (if it exists, of course) using a web browser and then install it from within LibreOffice using its own extension manager, just like you would probably do in any other operating system.


There’s Lingua which code was recently published. Only gcc2 packages are around for now it seems.

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Hope it will be in HDepot soon for 64bit so I can test it

Is it not a very old BeOs program? I used it in the past, and I just remember by the screenshoots about it.
Very handy very nice to have it back then!

I tested x86 build on Lingua and it seems to compile, so I suppose 64bit should as well, let’s see.


Nope. https://build.haiku-os.org/buildmaster/master/x86_64/?buildrunDir=4719&viewMode=expanded

Odd… Seems the haikuVersion variable is not used anymore? Can you try without it?

+1 :heart_eyes:

Maybe this may upset someone but as a long time user of Windows I find the filemanager program Seeker very useful. Are there any plans for an update or having thumbnails for pictures, videos pdf etc.


@threedeyes updated the Kapix’s patch but got stuck on the boringssl issue - it does not work as it should, and the problem consists in /dev/urandom


However OS/2 developers switched to arc4random:

this annoying moment slows down the further porting of qtwebengine.

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I have looked into the bug you linked in Haiku and it seems to be reproductible only with the virtio random driver, which is used only in some specific cases in virtual machines (you need to enable it explicitly) and is currently broken.

So I do not see how this could be a problem for porting qtwebengine. Our /dev/urandom is behaving normally (and you can check that by compiling and running the code in that ticket).


Someone asked for a mumble client some time ago. Today i got it to build (with OSS as backend). It works :slight_smile: A few things are simply not implemented (native Audio Input/Output and Push to Talk). I try to write a recipe for Haikuports, so maybe someday a developer can have a closer look at this.



Press the PrintScreen key. :slight_smile:

Looks like Flameshot application can do exactly what you asked for.

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You can add shortcut for FlameShot, and make screenshots via gloabal hotkey. Don’t forget add gui argument.
I use ScrollLock for example:


For digital photographic processing, I would like see darktable and GIMP for Haiku. If possible, digiKam would be a good program to use in Haiku too!

I have read all the previous posts about GIMP and other programs that others have wished for and I also understand the current limitations that prevents some of these to be ported any time soon. But this is a wish list… :wink:

Now Haiku has the following programs but their focus is not particularly useful for digital file processing.

  1. Krita: “From 2004 to 2009, Krita was strongly focusing on being a generic image manipulation/painting application in the style of Photoshop or GIMP. Since 2009, the focus is squarely on painting: the Krita community aims to make Krita the best painting application for cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists.”

This programs can handle the digital files but does not support photo processing workflows adequately for my use.

  1. WonderBrush is an editor for bitmap and vector graphics…for processing RAW digital photographs and other digital files–we need raster graphics. So this clearly does not work for my use.

  2. ImageMagick can create, edit, compose, or convert digital images…so we’re closer. However, it lacks an integrated GUI for digital photo processing such as in Photoshop and GIMP.

  3. ImageMagickGUI is a YAB front-end but it lacks the integration and GUI tools as in GIMP. It is adequate for simple scenarios but not digital photo processing.

Now, Haiku has Photivo so that is good but not very useful currently.

“Photivo is just a developer, no manager and no “Gimp”. It handles your RAW files as well as your bitmap files (TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and many more) in a non-destructive 16 bit processing pipe with gimp workflow integration and batch mode.”

IMO, Photivo in Haiku has a long way to go to catch up to ‘darktable’ or ‘RawTherapee’; darktable is a photography workflow application and raw developer where Photivo is a developer only.

However, it has the basic tools and features using 16-bit processing.
But we need GIMP or an advanced raster graphic editing program for Photivo to be somewhat useful in Haiku to complete the photo processing workflow.

I love Haiku and it has come a very long way!! Awesome work!! Kudos to all the Devs!!
Keep going…once our user base expands and others join the developer ranks–maybe one day we will see darktable and GIMP for Haiku!!


digiKam 7.2 already in repo - https://depot.haiku-os.org/digikam (x64 only)
Photivo - https://depot.haiku-os.org/photivo
G’Mic - https://depot.haiku-os.org/gmic


I know I am maybe setting my hopes high … but I would love to see Paint Tool Sai on board :slight_smile: