What apps do you need on Haiku?


32 bit LibreOffice :smiley:


For your project management app, look at this: https://github.com/Paradoxianer/ProjectConceptor
It is quite buggy, as it’s going through a major recoding.


Is this the ProjectConceptor which was original hosted on BerliOS?

Would you be kind enough to provide a few screenshots?


The fact that this project was imported to github and commits go back all the way to 2006, I’d give that possibility a yes. :slight_smile: As for screenshots, I don’t have my computer on me, so I can’t send any…


Screenshots would be great as they would allow a greater appreciation for what the application can do - and how much native to Haiku it feels.

I have worked with Microsoft Office, OpenProj, and ProjectLibre in agile and waterfall project management environments and have a bit a feel for what a decent project management application could look like.


Thanks @CodeforEvolution, I will check it when I get on the VM again.

I might someday even write some apps myself regarding this topic, as I got the ideas, but I’m a zero on C++ coding.



I wanted a Stock-ticker application, so I wrote one. Its not entirely ready for the public yet but here is a screenshot. Let me know if ou want some specific feature.

The source is open source and on github.


I would love to see a couple of things:

An integrated support for WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV, so that we could use ownCloud and Nextcloud, with updated Contacts and Calendar app.

Updated Weather app making use weather data from Yr.no, with hour-to-hour information and weather radar.

From KDE I would like to see digiKam or better Darktable being ported.

With LibreOffice and Telegram, I’ve started using Haiku for the first time on a regular basis. I’ve even been to the IRC channel for the first time in years.

Thanking all developers for getting Haiku to the stage it is today!


Now, lets bring back life to iscomputerison.com Frankps. Maybe a series of interviews with Haiku devs?


This is the best thing to see multimedia from differents sources in the internet in only one, and it need QT5


And WebEngine.


Good day everyone,

I really need a good working Input Method that allows me to type Latin (Spanish, English, Galician, French), Russian (yawert) and Chinese (pinyin).

Thanks for your dedication.


Pale Moon, VLC, Steam, Discord, Wine, Popcorn Time, LibreOffice without KDE dependencies, VMware


In HaikuDepot there’s “Keymap Switcher” and the input method “BeCJK”. Don’t they work as expected? If not, you may want to file tickets at their respective issue trackers.


You can never win… :wink:


Good day, @humdinger,

I have them both installed. The “Keymap Switcher” changes from Russian to English/Spanish/… without issues. Though the Russian keymap is russian keyboard map, while I use a western keyboard, therefore, I would need to print the keymap on paper to know where the keys are. I did that back in the 90’s when there was no Yawerty keymap available. Not sure how hard it would be to include a Yawerty keymap in Haiku.

Regarding BeCJK, It does not work. I only could type chinese characters once. Never again. Even the HanZi list doesn’t show.

On the other hand, Keymap Switcher and BeCJK input are two different input methods, which involve different way of activation. I understand, my personal opinion, that a single input method is a better approach, just a key combination like the Keymap Switcher to change among input methods.

Another personal opinion on this is that I personally prefer standard ISO country codes (two letters: ru, zh, uk, us, fr, pt, es…) to identify the keymap.

I understand though the state of Haiku. Linux distros did not have the “single” input method thing working well until ibus.
谢谢… well, just to “mess with me”; now I just typed some chinese and it worked. Well, stopped working again. And the “reporting bugs” on BeCJK does not work either.

Anyway, hopefully will end up working sooner or later.

Thanks for your time.


Report bugs for BeCJK here: https://github.com/haikuarchives/becjk

A yawerty keymap should not be a problem. You can edit the keymap files:
https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/src/data/keymaps/Russian.keymap (a little unreadable with all this unicode going on)
https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/src/data/keymaps/US.keymap (maybe better to start from this)

Or you can just drag and drop keys and characters from CharacterMap in the keymap preferences.


What Pulkomandy said.
I have a feeling that only if Haiku gets an active developer that is personally impacted by this topic, things will really improve. I hope we’ll attract more esp. Asian devs some time, as those have a different perspective and usabilty pressure, with their needs for special characters, encodings, keymaps and input methods. Right-to-left text is a similar issue.


Why does it pull KDE dependencies, anyway?


Because until recently native look&feel was implemented only in KDE plugin. Recently that got moved to Qt part, so KDE will not be needed. (Technically it wasn’t before, but the interface looked ugly without it.)