What about vscode?

Hello all; i dont know if any other ask it before, but… any idea about porting Visual Studio Code to haiku? its seems that nodejs its already ported… its chromium indispensable?

Hi there. There aren’t any plans to port VSCode or any Electron based software to Haiku. Just because nodejs is ported doesn’t necessarily mean that Chromium will also be ported as well.

VSCode requires the entire Chromium browser stack to not only be ported but to be even usable which the effort is in years.

Good day @nhtello
I do like VSCode too, though lately I’m more fond of Codium, which is the Open Source version, whithout any Microsoft Telemetry stuff inside. I asked back in 2018 in the VSCode realm about this, to release a Haiku version of it, and they replied exactly the same as @return_0e told you.

So most likely, it won’t be available in the near future.
Just thinking aloud… if AppImages could run on Haiku, problem solved. Though to get AppImages to run on Haiku, mmmm… I presume even a bigger task.
Little by little.

How so? It is an Electron application so you need Chromium to be ported to Haiku. In my understanding even if you have AppImages on Haiku you will not have nothing to put into the AppImage…

OK; seems to be a big task for now. One vote for Chromium as a wished :frowning: