What a busy weekend of W52 of 2023 ! - Dozens of patches reviewed and commited in last 48 hours!

Ahoy haikunauts !

Devs really switched to next gear lately – reviewed
and committed about 2 dozens of patches in the last 48 hours !!


God bless their diligence and creation - on these last days of 2023 !

Thank you very much ! :heartbeat: :heart_eyes_cat: :champagne: :piñata: :cake: :ice_cream: :pie:


They were quite small patches. From my side, I’m working on ffmpeg updates, and I made each change in a separate commit, so each can be reverted separately if someone finds a problem.

Likewise, Waddlesplash made several changes to the TCP stack, I think with a similar strategy.

But, sure, being off work for a few days and having visited my parents and rested a bit is good for motivation. On Tuesday I’ll be back to my paid job, and less time for Haiku again…