Went from Ubuntu to Haiku and think I may have messed up grub and being able to boot Haiku

I’ve been wanting to try a different OS and decided to try Haiku and see if maybe I would learn more about kernal design.

Anyway, I downloaded Haiku onto a USB stick. Booted into Haiku ran the installer and I selected the already existing linux partition. I left the swap partition. Installed Haiku which seemed to go well. Restarted the computer and it went to the GRUB rescue screen. After looking around and reading I decided to load from the USB stick and then press shift to get into the boot menu, selected the hard drive Haiku version (the menu actually says Haiku and under that it says Haiku again, I assume the second one is the Hard drive) and then it lights up all the icons underneath then stalls out. I tried safe mode and selected all the options. The output isn’t really readable by me (in terms of technical knowledge) and the screen started to overlap and continue printing lines for about 1 minute then stopped.

I assume I messed up Grub. But does that, or should that effect booting from the boot menu off the USB stick?

Any help would be great. I can still boot into my USB stick. I’d really like to make this laptop run Haiku.


How many OS partitions does the disk have? If just one, delete and install Haiku to the entire drive. Swap partition is useless to Haiku and only good for Linux/Windows - delete it if you only intend to use Haiku on drive.

Grub requires Linux partition to function. Grub will no longer work when you wipe out active Linux partition from drive.

I don’t think it should affect booting off boot menu on USB stick. Boot off USB stick and in terminal type bootman and it will replace Grub with Haiku’s boot manager.

If it is a grub error (which I’m kinda doubting,) try this:
download http://www.allbootdisks.com/downloads/ISO/AllBootDisks_ISO_Image_Downloads25/DOS6.22_bootdisk.iso and burn to a cd.
Load the cd and after it gives you a prompt type: fdisk /mbr. (type fdisk /MBR also to be safe. :slight_smile: )
now load up haiku off the cd or usb stick. there should be an option to install a bootloader. Install the bootloader, and restart. It should work if that was the problem.
DONT do this if you still have ubuntu and want to keep it.

if you want to keep ubuntu, best to start from the ubuntu optical disk in rescue mode, and install grub on the partition that ubuntu lives on. then, install bootman (type ‘bootman’ in haiku’s terminal, and a gui will walk you through installing the loader). it should automatically detect the linux partition, and add it to the bootloader alongside haiku.

Install Haiku’s own boot manager, bootman. You should be able to do it during installation, and if not, you can just write “bootman” in the terminal. Also make sure the partition is bootable.