weeCee Box


Has anyone tried to run BeOS or Haiku on weeCee ? It seems a nice box for the old BeOS R4/R5.

Thanks in advance !

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It is not lised in the hardware database, so i think not.

There to buy this hardware?

Evidently it is a personal project!

I saw that proyect some weeks ago.

It has a weak i586 compatible CPU – more like a souped-up 486, really – with no CMOV instruction. If that is a no-go for Haiku’s codebase I leave to the devs for answering (i’m fairly positive it is). Old BeOS might run though.

IMHO the only mildly interesting chip from the Vortex86 line is the DX3, which at least is fully i686 compatible and has 2x 1Ghz cores with DDR3.

The Vortex boards have a lot of ISA connected hardware as far as I remember from a previous investigation - does Haiku support the ISA bus at all?

There’s no NIC or graphics drivers either - its a Vortex specific NIC and XGI graphics. Wireless is a USB dongle.

Yes, we require a Pentium Pro or later (with MMX instructions). There isn’t really any use for supporting hardware even older than that in Haiku.