I downloaded a nightly a few days ago, just wanted to check out how it was going. I have to say it is going rather well, looking good.

I am using Webpositive and having a problem with gmail.

First, I discovered that you have to add the “s” in https: yourself, webposite will not add it for you. I was then able to get to youtube, and gmail…

I can’t seem to log into gmail though. It just sits on authenticating… I have not tried to log into Youtube, or Facebook yet.

Any ideas?


Hello David. There are some issues related to WebPositive and Gmail. Hopefully, there will be fixed soon, previously to the Beta release.

Meanwhile, you could try using the “HTML only”. In this Google support page, there are the link to the “Html only” login:


Of course, if you have more issues or questions to ask, don’t be afraid to ask :smiley:


Hmm… this is a problem I have noticed as well; the good news is that there is a way around this somewhat. I usually just use the mobile version of large pages; try http://m.gmail.com. Of course, if Web+ redirects you out of Mobile, http://mail.google.com/mail/h should work just in case. For Live mail (if you use it), http://m.hotmail.com should get you into there. iCloud is stubborn when I’ve tested that. In any case, the software is still alpha-quality, and until it is totally ready, try sticking to Mobile (m.site.com or site.mobi) format pages if the Desktop/full versions aren’t working right just yet.

Good luck with it all and enjoy Haiku!

I was able to log into gmail with the html link. Thanks :slight_smile:

I did log into Facebook. :slight_smile:

Can’t log into Youtube. I assume it is for the same reasons that I can’t log into the regular gmail???


As a side note :slight_smile:

If you want to update your Haiku OS to latest you can run 3-4 script :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll keep that. :slight_smile: I just installed from a nightly 2 days ago, so I will probably wait a little bit.