Webpositive: When I click only one bookmark, multiple tabs open up

Irritating, I have to close all unwanted tabs manually.
For one click for selecting a bookmark, why should multiple tabs open?

Nothing to do with today’s update…just reporting now

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Are these tabs all the same? If not, it could be that you hit a folder of bookmarks.

I do not have any folders in bookmark…all are blank new tabs

Please stop opening forum posts for your issues and instead open bug reports. https://dev.haiku-os.org

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For small issues (maybe due to lack of knowledge on my side) I ask on the forum, since some body may know the answer to it

Do you want me to open a bug report for whatever reason that I may post here?

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For what it is worth… I think there IS a mid point somewhere :smiley:

I too tend to “ask around a bit” for issues that I’m not entirely sure are either:

  • A user error on my part. (I tend to tinker a bit too much with my installs sometimes :-D).
  • A transient issue. (Sometimes a bit get flipped by a cosmic ray somewhere…, you try again, reboot, whatever, and it works again).

For those things… only after confirming it is not just a “me thing”, or a person “in the know” confirms I should file it, I do so.

Maybe @nephele’s “short temper” for those of us not properly reporting actual bugs on Trac (or where appropriate) comes from just an accumulation of experiences involving lots of different people.

I would not take it “personally”, and more like a general wish/advice on their part.

For some folks, asking on the forums comes naturally, others, ask on the IRC channel… others… only use Trac, mailing lists,… or heck… one of those social media things I keep hearing about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too many times it was a silly mistake on my part, or a known issue I couldn’t even find after searching on Trac, etc… “Asking around a bit” helps avoid useless reports.

On the other hand… getting too many people “venting” about stuff not working without proper reporting… yeah… I can understand @nephele’s “frustration” too. :smiley:

Let’s remember that we are all here for the enjoyment (and betterment!) of our little beloved OS. :slight_smile:

A gentle nudging in the right direction goes a long way! (with the exception of few cases where blunt force is required to correct course :-P).


To complete that, it takes less time to close a bug on the bugtracker if it turns out to not be a bug than:

  • You report it on the forum
  • Someone tell you to report it on the bugtracker instead
  • You report it on the bugtracker
  • It turns out it was an user error, and closed as “not a bug” eventually

The first two steps are always useless. No matter if it turns out to be a real bug or not. You see something not working as you think it should, that deserves a bug report, not a forum post.

The reason for this is we can categorize bug reports, we can close them (and easily list closed/open ones), we can mark them as duplicate, and people can also vote for them. None of that is available on the forums. So, whenever a problem is reported on the forum, all we can do is… ask to report it on the bugtracker instead.

Speaking of that. It would be nice to have links to known trackers in Web+ bookmarks.
Better, when you add a repo, automatically add the link to its bug tracker.
Another solution would be to have them in HaikuDepot next to the software home links but, I’m not sure people will check there.

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I agree, it’s a forum. It’s where people go to get help. Not everyone is savvy, not everyone is a developer. We can do better helping people figuring out Haiku. Sure, sometimes a bug report is the best course. But helping new people with their problem comes first.

If something does not work it is always the correct course. even if your bug is “user error” it is important that the devs know off this. In some cases user error is the result of inconsistency and illlogical design, and the forums “normal” suggestions of throwing vaguely related workarounds at a problem rarely help.

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