WebPositive Search Engine Management

WebPositive just keeps getting better! There is always noticeable progress.
Will there be a DIRECTLY accessible search engine administration, similar to that in the Otter Browser?


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Yes, I think WebPositive is becoming more and more useable.

So useable that, just a few ago, I have done my first real task with WebPositive other than testing : a commit to a git repo.

BTW, the other day I was able to create an account and download music from www.backtoblackvinyl.com ONLY through WebPositive and not through Otter !

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At the moment it is still annoying that due to different ‘events’ all tabs are set to ‘New’, ‘Google’, or even disappear completely.
Although these can be reached via ‘History’, they have to be laboriously restored by hand.
‘Restore last session’ is probably already on the to-do list.
On the positive side, WebPositive works better than the Otter browser in some cases!

… but unfortunately it’s getting slower and slower.