WebPositive sais "Couldn't resolve host name"

when I type a site’s address.
I talked to the internet provider; and they said that the address in “network connection” (or how it’s called) is correct; and they see that I’m connected.
The time set on the clock is correct; without me setting it. So does that mean I have connection?
Is there another way to know if I’m connected?

Obvious question: did you have tried the ping command? Can you ping any website/ip address?

Can you give a clue, as to how to do that?


Try this in Terminal:


If it pings try to ping a domain name:

ping google.com

If this one doesn’t ping check network preflet and set DNS #1 to

In the terminal it says:
ping sendto: No route to host
ping wrote 64 chars, ret=-1

ping google.com
error: unknown host:google.com

And all the rest is the same.

Sounds like the gateway is not set properly. May need to check with your provider or check Windows network to see what the gateway ip should be set to.

Paste output of

route -n

bbjimmy, how do I check the gateway IP in Windows, please?

Display the Gateway in Windows xp:

[start]=>[settings]=>[Network Connections]

Right-click on the active connection


select the Support tab.

The Gateway should be displayed.



Type command in the text field.



The Gateway will be displayed.

You are looking for the ip address of the Gateway. in my case it is:

Type this ip in the gateway field for the network connection in haiku.

I’m writing this right now, from WebPositive. :slight_smile:
Apparently, the IP address wasn’t correct.
I’m definitely going to complain, about the support I was given, from the provider.
Thanks a lot.