WebPositive (or Webkit?) and Wordpress

Good day,

I’ve been trying to add some stuff to “my own site”, which is made of two Wordpress sites, one with my service provider and the other at wordpress.com. The goal is to add all content using Haiku, of course, though for now it does not seem possible.

Before it worked with Otter and not with WebPositive, now none of them work. While I can login to both sites to add content, when I try to add a page to the site and it’s expected to come out the ‘editor’ WebPositive and Otter window show a white screen, thus it seems the ‘editor’ does not load properly.

It puzzles me that before it worked on Otter and not in WebPositive, and now it doesn’t in any of them.
There are already some bugs in Trac, so not sure if this is related to them or is a regression on Webkit…

Any hints on how to solve this would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

Beta 2, Nightly, hrev?

There has been no changes in WebKit for about a year. So, it seems more likely that it is a regression in the wordpress side (dropping support for old browsers).

I am preparing a new WebKit release which may or may not fix the problem.


Looking forward to that. Hopefully this would get fixed. Thanks.

@Coldfirex : nightly x64 last revision (today is 187).


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