Webpositive missing symbol be_catalog

With r37340 when I launch webpositive r426 I see an error window with Missing symbol:be_catalog. Same version of webpositive worked fine with a haiku build from a few days back. Am I missing a package that contains the be_catalog function?

Haiku locale API changed. Try to put /system/lib/gcc4/liblocale.so from older revisions to WebPositive lib folder.

The default Webpositive rev is 515

by the way, is there 526 already

Very cool thanks. Is there an easier way to determine the old lib other than just a “strings .lib | grep be_catalog” ?

Webpositive r526 is the latest at mmlr.dyndns.org… although that site is often down. Note those webpositive builds are use old libcrypto and ssl libs.

simply delete libcrypto and ssl from wepositive/lib folder, to app uses the default ones :smiley:

I’m on r37409 (gcc2hybrid) and was getting this error with Web+ r526, so I plunked in the liblocale.so from alpha2, and now I get this error instead:

runtime_loader: /boot/home/Desktop/WebPositive/lib/libwebcore.so: Could not resolve symbol '_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv’
resolve symbol “_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv” returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: /boot/home/Desktop/WebPositive/lib/libwebcore.so: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found