WebPositive Gopher support?

I recently upgraded my system to R1Beta3 (running on a ThinkPad T60, 2-Core 1.8-GHz CPU, 3GB of accessible RAM). Everything went fine - but upon entering a Gopher link WebPositive now displays the requested Gopher site but simultaneously freezes up, showing an error message and requesting to be terminated. Is this a bug or does it mean Gopher support, one of that browser’s more charming features, has been dropped from WebPositive? Dear devs, please tell me it’s a bug…

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Your’e not alone…


Exactly what I’m getting. A pity. At least it’s not my computer’s fault! Gopher support doesn’t seem to be dropped, though, otherwise the Gopher sites probably wouldn’t show at all. Has to be a bug, then. Let’s hope someone competent takes care of it…

Best to create a ticket. Like I just did with #17355. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very kind of you! Unfortunately this girl has no idea how to file a bug report…

All in the wiki at https://dev.haiku-os.org/
You can join the IRC channel #haiku for some realtime assistance (if someone knowledgable is present).

How to here too


I suspect it could last year’s change to the services kit (like using BDataIO), which was basically duplicating code and changing it, that was probably not tested with gopher.
I’ll look into it.

Gopher support was broken in beta3, with the shipped webkit.
It has been fixed in our sourcetree since then, but we haven’t released a newer webkit build since, so you’ll unfortunately have to wait for the fix a bit.