WebPositive doesn't play youtube videos

I’m using the latest version of HAIKU
(Kernel: hrev56578+65 Dec 28 2022 07:13: )

The code for videos in webpositive doesn’t work correctly.

Please report bugs to the bugtracker. not here.


I’ve ust tried to register to
6 times ,
but it thinks I’m not human,

Hmm, I don’t see it in the logs, do you know when? Normally it should just ask you what OS you want to bugreport for then.

just a few linutes ago,
I typed HAIKU, in capitals, in that box,
but to no avail!

Why capitals? I think just Haiku should be enough.

@waddlesplash any ideas? IIRC you added the phrase captcha. Kind if wierd that it does not log to the spamlog :g

I’ll try “Haiku” now

just logged in to to the Haiku development tracker