WebPositive and Haiku Forums (drop down) issue

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Well, not sure if anyone else have noticed this, and not sure yet if is a bug related to Webpositive, or the framebuffer video driver, in order to create the proper ticket.

When creating a ticket on the Haiku forums with WebPositive, I can’t select the topic in the drop down menu to change it from Uncategorized to whatever. Clicking with the mouse doesn’t hold the drop down to be able to click on anything. The drop down appears and disappears quickly as…

The only way I found for now to circunvent this issue is using the arrow keys, press down twice and then the drop down stays and can pick the group.

Anyone else has seen this behavior? Is it framebuffer or WebPositive’s fault?

Thanks in advance for any hint.

It’s WebPositive. I see the same using intel_extreme graphics, though I doubt this matters.

The framebuffer is just that, literally a frame buffer. It is a memory area we can draw on, and the driver makes sure it ends up displayed. That’s all. It does not handle mouse, keyboard, or even the drawing operations.

In any case, it’s very easy for us to move tickets from one category to another in Trac, so it’s not a problem if you report it to the “wrong” one. And we can also edit the description there if it’s not clear enough for us developers.

So, just open bugreports, I don’t see the point of making a forum post first when you already know what the reply will be: make a bugreport!

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Good day @PulkoMandy,

Didn´t know that. I´ll remember it from now on.

Sir!!, Yes, Sir!!
Will do! :joy:


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