WebPositive and Google

Is anybody else finding WP useless for googling? Whenever I enter a query, it goes into an endless refresh cycle that makes it impossible to actually click on any selection. Not sure it happens every time – I’m sure I just did successful search an hour ago – but ATM it’s consistent.

Any solutions?

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It is working just fine here (with the latest version of WebKit and Haiku, of course).
Running with a debug build of libbnetapi.so and capturing the terminal output may provide some information about your problem (it shows all the requests it is doing).

works OK here, although I’d rather use Duckduckgo

Heh. I realized I was just clicking a bookmark for Google. That had been around for a while, and when I looked at the URL there were some parameters tagged on. One of them must have been triggering the loop (it didn’t happen until a few days ago), because if I go straight to ‘www.google.com’ everything is fine. Removed the garbage in the bookmark, and I’m back to normal.


:grinning: Yeah – that darn button is just too easy to hit on my machines!