WebPositive and Gnash

I like to watch youtube and others flashes on WebPositive… how can I integrate gnash and WebPositive


You cannot use Gnash with WebPositive yet. Support has to be built into WebPositive to work with Gnash.

You can file enhancement ticket for Gnash support in WebPositive here (after registering):

That way stippi will see it.

How about BeZilla or Arora, will they play YouTube?
Has anyone ever made it work properly?

Does anyone have a RECENT guide on howto installing Gnash in BeZilla?

I tried, but the only understandable guide was old, and used an old version of Gnash.

When extracting the Gnash zip file, a script should appear on the desktop for installing Gnash’s dependencies.

But the recent version of Gnash makes no such script.
I tried an older version which does, but after the installation was successful, BeZilla crashes every time I try to watch YouTube.

I assume the new version of Gnash is more stable, but how do I install those dependencies when it does not make a script on the desktop?

I use the version of Haiku that Haiku’s main page links to.

The Haikuware’s description of Gnash contains a link to the zip file with the suitable dependencies.

I installed Gnash 0.8.7 with dependencies (ie: ffmpeg) but Youtube does not work. To install Gnash you download Gnash + dependency zip and unzip to /boot/.

Look under Download section here:

Youtube I believe switched to Flash 10 support which Gnash does not properly handle yet. Youtube site tells me to download and install newer Flash.

You can test Gnash out here (flash movie trailers) to see how it works and performs:

Thanks a lot!
That web site www.7trailers.com works with Gnash in FireFox on my Acer Aspire One.

But it is not good. It plays less than a second, then waits a second, and so on…
So it’s essentially useless.

Any settings that make it faster??

Does everybody have this problem?

It takes lots of CPU power to play those videos. If you search the page you will see they are HD movie trailers (720 or 1080?).

Disabling HT on my laptop and using just my 2 cores I get 54-56% per core @ 2.13Ghz per core (Core i3). With 1 core (disable with Pulse or ProcessController), Gnash maxes to 100% playing those videos. You need about 2.3 Ghz (single core Core2) or better to play those. Some of the videos have garbled sound for some reason, like Clash of the Titans.

You will not be able to play HD flash video without more powerful CPU. You need to find a site with non-HD flash video to test with. Search for trailers or movie trailers with flash and see what you find.

EDIT: sorry, forgot that netbooks cannot handle HD video without GPU acceleration - not enough CPU power to play HD videos. I am sure you will find another site to test with. Bye,

I always use Flash rather than Gnash because Gnash has never worked for me -until now in Haiku.

When people say I should try Haiku and Gnash with a video which is not HD, and not made with the latest version of Flash, I decided to test the oldest flash video I could think of:


Hilarious if you are scandinavian.
And it works decently in Haiku. The video lags a little bit, but the sound is smooth.

I tested Gnash more with multiple flash sites and it plays around 1/3 of them. The real issue though was CPU use. Almost all the sites took 53% CPU usage on 2 cores. So, it seems flash on Haiku would require minimum 2.2 Ghz but likely 2.5 Ghz single core or 1.5 Ghz dual core (core2 or similar). Atoms are weaker CPUs and would require higher clock rates.

Try this flash trailer (Killers movie) and see how well it works for you.

Use ActivityMonitor to check your CPU use.

I did what you said.

The video lags a bit, but is playable. Sound is a bit choppy, just like the picture.
But it’s not terrible for a alpha version.

CPU1 and CPU0 are around 60-70% each, during the video playback.

Ok Dilbert, sounds good. That is one of the sites I noticed that used less CPU for playing flash. At least you can play some flash in Haiku now and watch some trailers off that site.

I mostly use flash to watch movie trailers anyways. :slight_smile:

Your CPU usage looks OK (compared to mine) using Gnash on Haiku.