WebKit weekly report #47 - Trapped in Locale Kit! | Haiku Project

Hello world!

So, one of the changes made last week (the XMLHTTPRequest timeout support) led to an API breakage in the network kit. This made WebKit crash on starting WebPositive, and I had to make an “emergency” release during the weekend to fix this. While you can enjoy the new shiny features and the bugfixes, you will also notice it is rather slow and uses a lot of CPU. This is a known issue related to the fixes with redrawing frames, which needed to remove some optimizations. I’ll try to reintroduce those in a way that doesn’t involve drawing problems. This week I started to work on the date and time input types for HTML5. There are several variants of those, to pick a date, time date-time, month or week. Our implementation will work similar to the color picker, with a popup window similar to the Time preferences panel. I started implementing this window, but ran into several issues in our APIs, which I’m now busy fixing.

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