WebKit weekly report #43 | Haiku Project

Hello there,

This week most of my time was spent on debugging. My new machine is running fine, and now building WebKit takes a little more than an hour, which is much better than the 4 hours I was getting on the old laptop. With a 4 thread CPU machine some concurrency and locking issues became much easier to reproduce. This led to identifying and fixing a bug in our BSecureSocket class, which was not properly setting up SSL for thread-safe operation. I think this will fix most of the remaining memory corruption problems. Some of the other bugs fixed include not updating the URL bar when navigating to an anchor in the same page (we were waiting for a network load to start to update the URL, but that doesn’t happen when navigating inside the same page), not resetting the page title when opening a page without title (wrong variable name was used…), another concurrency issue in the video drawing code, and a crash because of an enabled, but not properly implemented, WebKit feature (now disabled). These minor bugfixes make use of WebKit and Web+ much better.

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