WebKit weekly report #36 | Haiku Project

Hello everyone,

Things are rather quiet on the WebKit side this week. I’m reviewing and fixing the remaining bugs with the new drawing code, which is now working rather well. On the WebKit side, I have implemented a limited form of transform support for regions (only handling translation and scaling, not shear and rotations), which has very good results. As a consequence, we now have mostly correct drawing and quite good performance. Before I do a release (I know the version in current nightlies is quite outdated now), I want to fix one more bug, which is the lack of video display on youtube. This is probably a simple fix once I understand why the current code isn’t working anymore. I also did several small fixes to WebPositive, on minor details, but which should improve the experience a lot. Removing a finished download doesn’t trigger an error notification, the URL in the address bar is properly formatted, and some other small bugs like this were fixed.

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